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Matt Humphrey is a News Editor and Presenter with CBC Manitoba.

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The comedian is in: Peanuts-inspired stand delivers sidewalk comedy to pandemic-weary Vancouverites

Twice weekly, Tanya Horne can be found at her comedy stand in East Vancouver delivering jokes to people passing by as the pandemic drags on.

South Korean students travel to Vancouver to honour B.C. war veterans

A group of university students from South Korea came to the Seaforth Highlanders Armoury in Vancouver for a special event honouring B.C. veterans who fought in the Korean War.

Future in doubt for B.C.'s unique Steller sea lion research facility

Four Steller sea lions at the Marine Mammal Research Unit in Port Moody have been instrumental in groundbreaking research since the facility opened in 2003, but now the facility is struggling after U.S. funding was cut in 2016.

North Van swim teacher hangs up goggles after 45 years of backyard lessons

In a Lynn Valley backyard, in the District of North Vancouver, Lanny Backie has been teaching swimming for over four decades. Now, she has made the difficult decision to retire.

Okanagan mayors urge province to relax licence requirements for ride-hailing and taxi drivers

In a letter, four B.C. Okanagan mayors asked the province to reconsider driver's licence requirements for ride-hailing and taxi drivers.

'Ghost bike' memorial to be installed where Kelowna, B.C., cyclist was killed by truck

Ernie Gabbs died after a collision with a semi-trailer truck on Monday at the intersection of Dilworth Drive and Harvey Avenue. Kelowna RCMP are asking anyone who may have seen the fatal crash to come forward with information.

Injectable opioid treatment comes to Vancouver Island for first time

A method for treating opioid dependence, which allows patients to take medication through a syringe rather than orally is coming to Vancouver Island for the first time.

Page-turning turnover: Huge demand spurs Victoria book store to move to larger location

In a world of tablets and smartphones, it's hard to imagine a book store doing so well it needs to relocate to a larger venue. But that's what's happening at Russell Books in downtown Victoria, where demand has prompted a move to bigger digs across Fort Street.

These ice worms thrive on B.C. glaciers and now we might know why

A Washington state scientist and his team believe they've figured out how ice worms move from glacier to glacier along B.C.'s coast.

Vancouver man runs toward gunfire to help victims during Raptors parade shooting

When the sound of gunfire rang out through Downtown Toronto, Vancouver man Steve Kern was among those who ran toward the noise, trying to help.