Marianne Klowak


Born and raised in Winnipeg, Marianne has always had a passion for seeking the truth. She began her career anchoring and reporting at CKX Brandon. From there she worked in both TV news and current affairs at CBC Saskatoon. For the past 25 years Marianne has worked in Winnipeg, both in radio and television. She was formerly a teacher in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

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Movie theatre owners 'dumbfounded' to be left out of Manitoba's proposal for relaxed COVID-19 rules

The province is considering a long list of changes to COVID-19 restrictions that could open up more businesses in the next few weeks, but cinemas are still not on Manitoba's list. Those in the movie theatre industry say they are being unduly punished.

COVID-19, strained health system to blame for senior's multiple hospital transfers after fall: family

Florence Kines, 92, was taken to three emergency departments and two hospital wards, and was transported five times by ambulance and once by air, after she suffered a broken hip in December.

Virtual Riel-ity: While some restrictions relax, Louis Riel Day celebrations will be online this year

There will be no shortage of Louis Riel Day celebrations in Manitoba, but all will be online.

First Nations family advocate, chief question why newborns still being apprehended in Manitoba

First Nations advocates want to know why infants are still being taken away when other options are available, after a Brandon woman's baby was taken by child and family services shortly after birth and not returned to the family until two months later.

Pauingassi First Nation goes into lockdown after a quarter of members test positive for COVID-19

Public health officials, in tandem with the chief and council of Pauingassi First Nation, have moved the community into red, or critical, level for COVID-19 restrictions.

Winnipeg businesses grateful 'buy local' support kept them afloat during holiday season

While many local business owners worked harder than any previous year and made less money this Christmas season, they say the big reason they are still in business is because customers made the decision to buy locally.

Almost 300 new COVID 19 cases on Manitoba First Nations this week, as vaccine rolls out

As COVID-19 testing increases in Manitoba's First Nations communities, the Moderna vaccine is rolling out on the ground.

Winnipeg courier companies hiring staff to keep up with holiday demand during pandemic

While courier companies were laying off staff at the beginning of the year because of the pandemic, they are now hiring more employees to meet a holiday demand that is higher than they anticipated.

Health-care providers hit hard by grief as COVID-19 numbers continue to climb

With more health-care providers seeking help and support for coping with grief, the Canadian Virtual Hospice has launched a new online module that gives them the tools and resources they need to process what they are experiencing during COVID.

Red Road Lodge not told man referred to housing facility had COVID-19: director

The head of Red Road Lodge says facilities that house the city's most vulnerable should be told if a person is positive for COVID-19 before they are released from hospital. Alix McLachlan says not having that information is putting the homeless population even more at risk of getting the virus.