Marcy Markusa

Host, Information Radio

Marcy Markusa hosts Information Radio on CBC Radio One 89.3 FM / 990 AM in Winnipeg. Born and raised in the Manitoba capital, Marcy is passionate about the future of our community and loves how it's growing in both confidence and prosperity. She thrives on getting honest and straight-forward answers for listeners and infuses the show with her energetic warmth and sense of humour.

Latest from Marcy Markusa

'They caught me': Harvest helps former addict pick up the pieces after husband's death

Every year at CBC Manitoba we devote a day to Harvesting Hope.

A gay blog that might offend you either way

I come from Generation X. We said "faggot" for all of the wrong reasons and came of age as pioneers like Scott Thompson were fighting for gay rights. Yet here I was, caught in a moment where I forgot how to be brave.

Marcy Markusa: Election talk at the dinner table

CBC's Information Radio is broadcasting live from Winnipeg South on Wednesday morning, in the last riding remote before election day. Host Marcy Markusa sets up the conversation by recalling a rigorous debate at her dinner table over the Thanksgiving weekend.

What's holding us back? Canada can do better on refugee crisis

I opened an e-mail from a friend in my book club the other day. She wanted to know how many of us might want to join together in sponsoring a family from Syria.

Guelph swimsuit controversy: When is going topless OK?

Marcy Markusa of CBC's Information Radio and parenting blogger Karyn Pickles discuss the controversy surrounding a city policy in Guelph, Ont., that required girls — including an eight-year-old — to cover up at public swimming pools.

The budget, is it about people or pavement?

Marcy Markusa reflects on what the provincial budget will bring to Manitoba.

Marcy Markusa reflects on how the Winnipeg Jets have united a city

Information Radio host Marcy Markusa talks about how the Winnipeg Jets making it to the Stanley Cup playoffs has done so much more than boost merchandise sales.

Marcy Markusa reflects on how cancer devastates, unites us

This week on Information Radio we've been doing a special series of stories about cancer, a disease that affects so many people in Manitoba that every three hours, one person loses their life as a result.

Marcy Markusa reflects on beauty of Churchill, challenges facing the North

Following a trip to Churchill, Man., Information Radio host Marcy Markusa says she feels very lucky that CBC understands the value of broadcasting the stories of those in the north. But she also has fears about Churchill's economy.

Information Radio's Marcy Markusa reflects on racism in Winnipeg

As a middle-aged white woman who grew up in North Kildonan with every privilege in the world, I have never faced racism. But the conversation that has come up in the wake of Maclean's article has moved our city to talk about facing racism, rather than debating whether it exists.