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Winnipeg musician fights for 'control over his life' after being placed under public trustee guardianship

A Winnipeg musician has no access to his bank accounts, can't collect a paycheque and can't even access his medical records because he is under the guardianship of Manitoba's public trustee — and he is on a mission to get out.

Manitoba RCMP officer keeps job after 3rd finding of misconduct

A Manitoba RCMP officer avoided being fired for violating the Mounties' code of conduct but was told his third finding of misconduct is his last chance.

Manitoba RCMP officer could be forced to resign after lying about failure to arrest wanted man

A Manitoba RCMP officer has admitted he violated the Mounties' code of conduct. He could be forced to resign as he faces misconduct allegations for the third time in his short career, a discipline hearing heard Thursday.

5,000 affordable housing units lost, 10,000 on the line as non-profits lose subsidies

Thousands of social housing units could land in private hands as operating agreements between the Manitoba government and non-profit organizations expire, creating a funding gap that may force organizations to sell buildings they can no longer afford.

Clinic ordered to halt for-profit ultrasounds after feds claw back Manitoba's funding over fees

The Manitoba government has ordered a for-profit clinic to stop charging patients for echocardiograms and ultrasounds, nearly six years after it gave the Winnipeg clinic the green light to do so.

Manitoba needs to regulate chiropractors better after public inquiry over Facebook post: expert

A leader in the field of professional regulation says a move to better regulate chiropractors could improve the complaints and discipline process for an association that tried to discipline someone for posting a pro-vaccine news article on her social media. 

Manitoba chiropractor questions 'differential treatment' of colleague's side business after facing inquiry

A Manitoba chiropractor is questioning why she faced discipline for posting a pro-vaccine news story when the fellow chiropractor investigating her operates a side business that claims to help with the symptoms related to ADHD.

Manitoba chiropractor cleared of misconduct after posting pro-vaccine news story

The case against chiropractor Carolyn Weiss placed her in the middle of a divide in the profession over vaccination, an internal conflict that splits chiropractors between two factions: the evidence-based practitioners and the more traditional ones, explained experts.

Hopes renewed for long-promised sobering centre in Thompson as Indigenous group to take over city's shelter

There are hopes a long-promised sobering centre in northern Manitoba will finally become a reality, with an Indigenous advocacy organization set to take over the operations of the shelter that will host the facility.
CBC Investigates

Security videos that show RCMP punching Indigenous men in Thompson point to tense relationship

CBC News obtained two videos that show two separate cases of an RCMP officer in Thompson punching an Indigenous man while responding to a call. Both officers were charged with assault — one was acquitted and the other pleaded guilty.