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Kelly Stifora is a contributor to CBC Manitoba.

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Rainbow Stage wraps up season with bright, frothy update on the fairy tale as old as time

Nasty stepfamily, fairy godmother, prince’s ball, glass slipper… surely, there can be nothing new or surprising about the story of Cinderella, right? To borrow a line from another story, it’s literally a tale as old as time.
★★ Review


Homage to David Bowie doesn't quite gel in Starman
★★★★ Review

The Places We Go

Performance mixing projected images, recorded audio, acting and shadow puppetry more than the sum of its parts
★★ Review

What Would Emma Goldman Do

Show sinks after all the characters reveal themselves to be unlikable
★★★★★ Review

SwordPlay: A Play of Swords

Swashbuckling production mashes up video games, The Princess Bride and everything else.
★★★ Review


The performances in MARGO are naturally awkward and awkwardly natural
★★★★★ Review

Rap Guide to Consciousness

Expand your consciousness of your consciousness using nothing but phat beats and ill rhymes
★★★★ Review

The (Un)Happy Medium

Show puts a funny spin on the worst roommates in the world - anxiety and depression
★★★ Review

Blood Countess

One-woman show doesn't live up to its expectations - and could use more blood
★★★★ Review

We'll Meet Again: Vera Lynn, The Forces' Sweetheart

Melanie Gall's voice all that's needed for a great show, but audiences get so much more