Katy MacKinnon

Katy MacKinnon is a queer, non-binary freelance writer in Winnipeg. Their work has appeared in CBC Manitoba, Maclean's, Daily Xtra and, before its closure, Outwords magazine.

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Millennials are killing the Christmas card — and that's not a bad thing

Millennials have been lambasted across the board for various atrocities — and now, you can add to the list the accusation that they're killing the Christmas card. But that's paving the way for new digital greeting traditions, says Katy MacKinnon.

Non-binary Canadians still fighting for justice

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's apology to the LGBTQ community was heartfelt, but until non-binary Canadians are legally recognized there won't be any hope of eradicating discrimination based on gender identity, says Katy MacKinnon.
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Uber arrival might not improve safety but it's an opportunity for change

With the potential entrance of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft, Winnipeg’s transportation options are set to change. It's time to make transportation options safe for marginalized groups, Katy MacKinnon writes.

A drunk clearly cannot consent

Judge Gregory Lenehan’s comment that “clearly a drunk can consent” made during his decision in the February sexual assault trial of Bassam Al-Rawi is evidence that Canada’s consent laws are failing sexual assault survivors.

Tired of crowded malls? Buy local this holiday season

This holiday season, skipping the crowded big box malls to shop locally can lead to an abundance of both short-term and long-term benefits, including bolstering the local economy and finding meaningful, Winnipeg-centric gifts, says Katy MacKinnon.

Sexual assault victims fight a losing battle

If you live in Canada and you’ve reported a sexual assault, your odds of receiving justice through our court system are a staggering less than half a percent, and a recent court case attests to this.

Winnipeg queer community needs more from straight allies than random acts of kindness

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy, it’s time to thoughtfully reconsider how straight allies of the Winnipeg queer community can create change and foster acceptance within our community.

Mainstream mocktails in Winnipeg bars, food blogger suggests

Over the past couple weeks, I set out on a mission to find sober-friendly establishments in Winnipeg. While none listed craft mocktails on the menu, some outshone the others in terms of bartender creativity and openness to a sober guest.

Hermanos time limit reflects restaurant reality

As someone who has spent a number of years working in the restaurant industry, both in the front and back of house, I understand the need for the two-hour time limit that recently put popular downtown Winnipeg restaurant Hermanos in the news: Time limits keep restaurants running.

You're sad? Go for a walk: mental health misconceptions hamper treatment

You’re depressed? Go for a walk. That’s the common response to individuals with a mental illness seeking help.