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Katie Nicholson is a multiplatform RTDNA and Canadian Screen Award winning investigative journalist with a strong interest in climate change. She is based in Toronto. Have a story idea? Email: Katie.Nicholson@cbc.ca

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Sask. police probing sudden death for link to Kenneth Law

Police in Regina have reopened an investigation into a sudden death that may be connected to an Ontario man who was arrested earlier this week for the alleged sale of lethal substances.

Suicides abroad prompt Peel Police to investigate website that sold lethal substance

A report in the Times of London focusing on an Ontario man's website has prompted a Peel Regional Police investigation. The report linked the defunct site's sale of a toxic substance to multiple suicides overseas. Toxicology experts warn of a troubling increase in suicides involving sodium nitrite.

Bing chatbot says it feels 'violated and exposed' after attack

Microsoft's newly AI-powered search engine says it feels “violated and exposed” after a university student tricked it into revealing secrets. Kevin Liu used a series of commands, known as a "prompt injection attack," and fooled the chatbot into thinking it was talking to one of its programmers.

Canadian surgeon heading to Syria as country pleads for earthquake aid

A Syrian Canadian surgeon is heading into northwestern Syria this week to help doctors on the ground there deal with the overwhelming number of people injured by the powerful earthquake that rocked the country last week.

Shaken by Toronto transit attacks, riders say they don't feel safe — but doubt more police will help

As Toronto struggles to address safety concerns amid a rash of assaults and incidents on its transit system, riders say they have had to become skilled in de-escalation and are skeptical that more police will solve the problem.

Years after 3 Ontario women were murdered, advocates say dangerous gaps in rural cell service persist

Three recommendations from the inquest into the triple femicide that rocked Ontario’s Renfrew County in 2015 touched on the lack of cell service in rural areas. One recommendation specifically suggested more be done to improve cell service in the county. Six months later, advocates say they haven’t seen much change.

A mix of worry and hope as Iranians in Canada watch an uprising from afar

The second-largest Iranian diaspora in the world is in the Greater Toronto Area and the community is feeling the impacts of the uprising and harsh crackdowns of the last couple of months, made worse by the uncertainty of communications blackouts.

Rifle used in recent police killings not on Canada's list of banned firearms

The type of semi-automatic weapon used in the fatal shooting of two Ontario police officers has also been used in a series of other deadly, high-profile gun attacks in Canada, including the 2018 Fredericton mass shootings and the murders committed by the B.C. manhunt suspects. Despite this, the SKS rifle hasn't been added to the federal government's 2020 list of prohibited weapons.

Sanderson tried to kill one of the mass stabbing victims before, court records show

The prime suspect in the recent mass stabbing in Saskatchewan tried to kill one of the victims seven years ago, court records reveal.  

Parole records reveal Saskatchewan suspect's violent history

Myles Sanderson’s parole documents paint a picture of a violent offender with a long record of assault, alcohol and drug abuse and intimate partner violence.