Karen Pauls

National reporter

Karen Pauls covers Manitoba stories for CBC national news. She has been deployed across Canada and in Washington, London and Berlin for stories including the 2011 royal wedding, the 2013 Papal conclave and the 2022 French presidential election. She has won awards, including a New York Festivals Gold, RTNDAs and CAJs, for stories ranging from the Greyhound bus beheading and Humboldt Broncos tragedy to Indian residential schools, Old Order Mennonites and asylum seekers. In 2007, Karen received the CAJ’s Dateline Hong Kong Fellowship and did a radio documentary on the 10th anniversary of the deadly avian flu outbreak. Story tips at karen.pauls@cbc.ca.

Latest from Karen Pauls

Access to medical exams a roadblock for Ukrainians wanting to work in Canada

Ukrainians fleeing war are encountering roadblocks they didn’t expect as they look for work in Canada. One is a requirement for a medical exam that is expensive and can be hard to access.

'I can't believe that we are safe,' says Ukrainian refugee beginning a new life in Manitoba

It’s been a long journey from war-torn Ukraine to a quiet cottage community in western Manitoba, but Hanna Palamarchuk and Mykola Prysianzhnyi have finally made it. They not only have a safe place to live, they are starting new jobs.

Major colony losses have Canadian beekeepers feeling spring sting

Canadian beekeepers are finding major colony losses as they open their hives this spring, which may present a threat to the honey supply and has some calling on Canada to open to the importation of bees from the U.S.

Manitoba community opens hearts and hotel to Ukrainians fleeing Russian invasion

Individuals and communities across Canada have opened their hearts, homes and wallets to help displaced Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion, but many still have unanswered questions about how refugees will get to Canada, and whether any level of government will provide support for them.

No inquest to be called in death after attempted COVID-19 hospital transfer in Manitoba

Manitoba's chief medical examiner won't call an inquest into the death of a 31-year-old woman after a failed attempt to airlift her from Manitoba to an Ottawa hospital during the height of the third wave of COVID-19.

As war in Ukraine disrupts global wheat supply, what can Canada do to help?

The war in Ukraine could lead to severe food shortages, with supply disruptions affecting 30 per cent of the market — and there's a limit to how much Canadian farmers can ramp up their wheat production this year.

Funeral for Gujarati family who died near Canada-U.S. border held in Winnipeg

It’s been nearly three weeks since the bodies of a family from Dingucha village in India were discovered in what RCMP say was an attempt to illegally cross into the United States.

PTSD, anxiety and learning to walk again — recovering from ICU can take years

Anthony George, 53, is one of thousands of Canadians with COVID-19 who have been discharged from the ICU and are struggling to regain their old lives. They’re finding challenges they did not expect — not just for their physical rehabilitation, but also for their mental health.

Dreading holiday COVID-19 conversations? Help is out there

It's the time of year when many of us are looking forward to social outings or family gatherings, but divisions over COVID-19 vaccinations make planning and conversations around those events more challenging than usual. Two new projects in Winnipeg and Vancouver are trying to find creative ways to help salvage relationships.

U.S. prosecutors want former Manitoba reservist sentenced to 25 years

American prosecutors want former Manitoba reservist Patrik Mathews and his co-accused, Brian Lemley Jr., sentenced to 25 years in prison, saying they joined forces in working toward a civil war that would "decimate racial and ethnic minorities and subjugate women."