Joanne Seiff

Joanne Seiff is the author of several books, including Knit Green, about textile sustainability. She works in Winnipeg as a freelance writer.

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Winnipegger who hasn't seen her family in more than a year pleads for pandemic patience

Many people have genuinely struggled during the pandemic. But Joanne Seiff asks for some patience from relatively privileged pandemic restriction complainers. "It's time to get over the 'terrible suffering' one incurs when you cannot eat out with your family as you'd like," she says.

Winnipeg infill guidelines need improvement to protect neighbours, Joanne Seiff says

At dinnertime recently, there was a digger about 45 centimetres from our dining room window. This is what infill feels like for the neighbours.

What is a woman's work worth? Pandemic deals 'enormous setback' to equality in workforce, says freelancer

Women have had an enormous setback during the COVID-19 pandemic as their work has become devalued, says Winnipeg freelance writer Joanne Seiff.

Manitoba needs to employ its own experts and keep pandemic money at home

Rather than mobilize the home troops to solve pressing issues during the pandemic, or even mundane ones like fishing licence procurement, this government likes to hire out the work.

Pandemic proves companies can change in an emergency — so what about that climate crisis?

Canadian companies' quick shift in production during the COVID-19 pandemic shows that with the right leadership and legislation, fast changes are possible. It also shows we could change our recycling and waste habits to curb climate change.

Top tips for families to stay sane while they're staying home

If you’re worried about how you’ll manage at home with kids as Manitoba’s schools shut down, you’re not alone.  Here are some suggestions with a caveat; stay flexible! Use what works for your household.

Manitoba 150's celebratory spending 'invests in asphalt, but not people': Seiff

Happy birthday, Manitoba! Did you hear about that $50 million gift we’re getting for our 150th birthday? When you see how it’s being spent, it doesn’t look good for our future.

Mom's emergency granola bar is there when you need it — no matter who you are

Every parent knows those moments — the ones when you stuff a snack into your bag, knowing you'll need it later.

Mental stimulation amid child-rearing? You can do it if you try

If you've ever prayed for bedtime just so you could go to the bathroom by yourself, you know how tough it can sometimes be to keep your sanity while alone with young children.

A gift for 2020: Earth for our great-grandchildren

The biggest gift, in the end, will be the one we leave to the great-great-grandchildren we might never see: a healthy planet.