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Producer, CBC News I-Team

Joanne Levasseur is a producer for the CBC News I-Team based in Winnipeg. She has worked at CBC for more than two decades. Twitter: @joannehlev

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Manitoba PC candidate Kevin Klein tells voter she has 'no right' to question his Indigenous heritage

Kevin Klein, the Progressive Conservative candidate running for re-election in Kirkfield Park, told a voter she has no right to question his Indigenous heritage during a telephone town hall held at the beginning of August.
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70% of Manitoba Housing units studied went days with indoor temperatures at or above 26 C

The majority of Manitoba Housing units tested by CBC News this summer recorded heat that could put the health of some residents at risk, as a resident and a tenant advocate call on government to make it easier to install air conditioning in social housing.

Manitoba's political parties not doing enough to verify Indigenous identity: Métis lawyer

Manitoba’s political parties are not doing enough to make sure candidates’ claims to Indigeneity are legitimate, says Jean Teillet, a lawyer who was appointed as an independent investigator by the University of Saskatchewan to figure out how to prevent Indigenous identity fraud. 
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Environment Minister Kevin Klein's claim to be Métis denounced by brother, Manitoba Métis Federation

The Manitoba government's website continues to identify Environment Minister Kevin Klein as Métis, even though the president of the Manitoba Métis Federation, a prominent Métis lawyer and Klein's own brother all dispute the claim.

Manitoba government advertises program that does not exist

The Manitoba government is running an anti-crime ad campaign that centers on the use of GPS monitoring devices to track high risk criminals, but not a single offender has worn an ankle bracelet in the province since 2017.
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Manitoba to conduct review of Indigenous-themed art after sculpture in premier's office deemed inappropriate

The province is conducting a review to ensure all Indigenous-themed artwork displayed in ministers’ offices is created by Indigenous artists.

Decommissioning Manitoba's over-budget personal care home visitation pods will cost $5M

It will cost about $5 million to remove more than a hundred all-season outdoor shelters that were installed earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure residents in Manitoba's personal care homes could have visits with loved ones, according to a request for proposals.

Donate, auction or destroy? 105 unused COVID visitation units up for grabs in Manitoba

The provincial government spent $24 million on external shelters so nursing home residents could have family visits during the pandemic — but now 105 of these units sit virtually unused and could wind up in the scrap heap.

Stefanson-Glover leadership fight leaves Manitoba PCs with $300K election-year hangover

Manitoba's Progressive Conservative Party has to replace $300,000 worth of political donations after using money it already raised to ease a lingering financial headache from its fractious 2021 leadership race.

City of Winnipeg removes steel fabricator, owner from police HQ lawsuit

The City of Winnipeg has dropped its lawsuit against a subcontractor it had accused of defrauding taxpayers, but is continuing its civil action against a group of defendants it added in May 2022.