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Joanne Levasseur is a producer for the CBC News I-Team based in Winnipeg. She has worked at CBC for more than two decades. Twitter: @joannehlev

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Former Winnipeg CAO argued he should only be on the hook for half of $327K bribe if he loses appeal

Former City of Winnipeg chief administrative officer Phil Sheegl says not all of the money a judge ruled he owes the city for damages belongs to him. A judge did not agree.
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Owners of pricey properties pocketed big bucks from tax cuts promised to help low-income Manitobans

Manitoba’s new education tax rebate was touted as a way to bring relief to working people, seniors and lower-income families, but a CBC analysis found that owners of Winnipeg's most expensive properties reaped the most benefit to the tune of millions in rebates.

What does a $327K bribe buy? A look at the Winnipeg police HQ scandal

It looked like former Winnipeg CAO Phil Sheegl would get away with receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars — which he split with former mayor Sam Katz — from the contractor he selected to build the Winnipeg Police Headquarters. A civil ruling in a Winnipeg court made sure that didn't happen.

Court rules former Winnipeg CAO accepted $327K bribe, must pay at least $677K

A Manitoba court has ruled in favour of the City of Winnipeg's civil claim that former chief administrative officer Phil Sheegl accepted a bribe and breached his duty as a city officer by accepting $327,000 from the contractor who built the city's police headquarters.

Judges urged to speak up after Anishinaabe woman faces misogyny, racism during Winnipeg court hearing

An Anishinaabe mother of four suffered repeated racist and misogynistic verbal attacks during a trial, triggering calls from a justice expert for courts to reform how they handle abusive comments.

Export Development Canada backs loan to primarily Russian-owned Buhler Industries

A federal Crown corporation signed a guarantee in 2020 to back up half of a $14-million loan to Buhler Industries, a Winnipeg-based farm equipment manufacturer that has been under scrutiny after comments from a now-resigned director in support of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Russian director resigns from Buhler Industries after statements supporting invasion of Ukraine

Konstantin Babkin has resigned as a director of Buhler Industries after making at least two public statements in support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Winnipeg's Buhler Industries, almost wholly Russian owned, not named in sanctions list

Winnipeg-based, but almost entirely Russian-owned, farm machinery manufacturer Buhler Industries is not on Canada's sanctions list despite having on its board the leader of a Russian political party that supports President Vladimir Putin.

Truckers wanted — no vaccination required: Manitoba Trucking Association

The Manitoba Trucking Association, which represents 60 to 75 per cent of trucks on the road in the province, says drivers can still make a living even if they are not vaxxed, despite claims by some protesters that being unvaxxed has cost them their livelihood

Protesters have taken over ex-Winnipeg mayor Sam Katz's Ottawa ballpark parking lot

For two weeks, Freedom Convoy protesters have been occupying Sam Katz's Ottawa Titans baseball stadium parking lot, and the former Winnipeg mayor is not happy about it.