Jo Davies

Jo Davies is a freelance writer and office assistant who is never at a loss for an opinion. She is currently writing her first novel, set in Jamaica.

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Big boys don't cry? Time to ditch outdated notions around masculinity, emotions and affection

In a world that has become increasingly stressful to navigate, our sons deserve no less emotional support and licence to be affectionate than our daughters, says Jo Davies.

We're all in this lonely world together

Being alone when you want to be is fine. Being alone when you don't want to be is downright painful. In fact, scientists have only recently discovered how truly harmful it is.

Not just blue: Postpartum depression is 'brutal' and it can hit anyone

Postpartum depression doesn’t care where you live or what you do to pay your bills, says Jo Davies, who has struggled herself with PPD. "Judging by the video I saw online yesterday" of Meghan Markle, she says, "it doesn’t even care if you’re married to a prince."
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Nothing sweet about dangerous effects of our addiction to sugar

Kicking a sugar habit is tough, says Jo Davies — and she argues we need to stop sugar-coating the truth about the harmful effects of the sweet stuff.

Nut behind the wheel: Other drivers provide examples to my sons — of what NOT to do

All three of my sons are now learning to drive, and I'll tell you, it's given a whole new meaning to the phrase "thrill of the open road."

Bittersweet 16: Parenting teens makes baby-rearing seem like a cakewalk

Currently, my eldest son is 20 and his younger brothers are just 16, which means I've been parenting teenagers for nearly a decade. Like most things in life, I'm getting smarter at it.

Why I'm cancelling my cable subscription

It’s like stepping off a cliff. My kids told me for months that I should do it, but it took me forever to work up the nerve, and I always found a reason to avoid it. I’ve done it now. I cancelled my cable television. 

Accentuate the positive: Why it's worth putting in the effort to see the bright side

'It's not all sunshine and roses out there,' says Jo Davies — but since 'a little negativity goes a long way' and there are health benefits to thinking positively, she offers a few tips to avoid being a 'Donnie Downer.'

Save it, I'm not ready to retire anyway

I'm not at a loss for things to do when I do retire. I envision myself on a beach, slathered with sunscreen, my laptop in front of me and a slushy, fruity drink beside me — but I'm not counting on it.

Taxing Canadians' patience: Corporations need to pay their fair share

Jo Davies says she's fine with paying her share to keep schools open, roads paved and parks beautiful. But, she says, some of the wealthiest in Canada aren’t paying their fair share — and she's crying foul.