Jino Distasio

Jino Distasio is an expert advisor with EvidenceNetwork.ca, an associate professor of geography at the University of Winnipeg and director of the Institute of Urban Studies.

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'Weird, wonderful space' underground largely forgotten in Portage and Main debate

What has been largely forgotten in the debate over reopening Portage and Main is that below the street and away from traffic is a weird and wonderful space that needs to be positioned within the discussion, says Jino Distasio.

In spite of fumble on funding for Winnipeg's stadium, public money for arenas can be a good investment

Should taxpayers be on the hook for funding large-scale sports infrastructure projects that are often viewed as primarily private initiatives? And what happens if such ventures lose money?

Jets' playoff success opens Winnipeg's downtown to the world

Has the return of the Jets helped turn around the downtown? Jino Distasio says there is no doubt that the return of the playoffs and the rebirth of the downtown are linked in many ways.

Canadians spending big money on homelessness without addressing its root causes

People without a home, and lacking supports for mental illness and addiction, can draw significantly on social services for survival. They also tend to interact more frequently with police, fire and paramedic services. This all costs money.

Food mirages leave Canadians knocking on food bank doors

Food insecurity — the inability to access enough nutritious, affordable food — is an even bigger problem than we think, Jino Distasio writes.