Janice Grant

Associate Producer

Janice Grant has worked in all areas of CBC Manitoba over the last 27 years. She has a special interest in community and mental health stories.

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'Dad should have been in personal care': Elderly patient was transferred 5 times in 4 months before his death

Alan Abbott, 86, wanted to live out his days in a personal care home in Winnipeg. But he never got admitted to one. Instead, his daughter says he died in pain after being shuffled between four hospitals and a health care centre — in a period of just under four months — before his death in November.
Harvesting Hope

'We can't let Earl down:' Twin sisters working hard for neighbours at Selkirk's soup kitchen

When twin sisters Beverly Terhorst and Barbara Pasaur decided to volunteer together at a Selkirk soup kitchen, they never imagined that what started as a way to spend time together would end up being such a massive responsibility.

Bear rescue upset Manitoba cubs to be released without tracking collars

The woman who helped establish Black Bear Rescue Manitoba is calling the province's decision to refuse to put tracking collars on three black bear cubs "cowardly" and "irresponsible."

Save a paw: Manitoba veterinarians will consider ban on cat declawing

The president of the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association hopes Manitoba will become the third Canadian province to ban the practice of declawing cats.

Manitoba pilot-in-training is helping dogs while pursuing his high-flying dreams

A young man's passion for flying is sending spirits soaring at a Manitoba dog rescue that helps animals in remote communities. On Friday, Mateo Yepes will load his rented Cessna with about 180 kilograms of dog food and make the one-hour flight from St. Andrews airport to Bloodvein First Nation.

'I'm surrounded': Winnipeg country singer, Jets fan stands out in Nashville

"I'm surrounded," says country singer-songwriter Leanne Pearson, originally from Winnipeg but now proudly sporting Jets colours in Nashville, where the team will begin their second-round playoff series on Friday.

'I felt like something broke in my head': Winnipeg singer recovering after brain aneurysm bursts on stage

A Winnipeg singer is recovering after an aneurysm burst in her brain as she was performing on stage on Jan. 6. Lisa Lester was at Jekyll and Hyde's in Osborne Village as part of a birthday party show for a musician friend.

Manitoba visit turns Dutch man into one of the Jets' biggest fans

Rowdy van Grieken grew up a soccer fan, but a visit to relatives in La Broquerie, Manitoba in the summer of 2011, changed everything.

Manitoba Olympian's dad helped her face down racism and become a role model

A few days before Christmas, Terance Lacquette couldn't concentrate on work at his construction company — he was waiting to hear whether his daughter had achieved her Olympic dream.

Heroes truck honours the dead, provides hope for the struggling

A former Manitoba soldier has transformed his vehicle into a rolling memorial for two Canadian soldiers who died in Afghanistan. But he's also hoping it will serve as a beacon of hope for people like him who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.