James Turner

James Turner is a former courts and crime reporter for various Manitoba media outlets, including CBC Manitoba. He now teaches journalism at Red River College.

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Accused in murder trial hid drugs before calling 911, says witness

The brother of a Winnipeg man on trial for the murder of his occasional lover says he dissuaded the accused from immediately calling 911 in order to first get rid of drugs in the apartment where the woman was fatally shot.

Young woman faces sentencing for crash that killed friend

A Manitoba woman behind the wheel of a “serious and violent” crash that killed a friend has been convicted of impaired and dangerous driving causing his death.

Thelma Krull's husband seeks court order declaring her dead

The husband of a Winnipeg woman who mysteriously vanished while out walking two years ago says he has no reason to believe she’s alive and is asking the courts to declare her presumed dead.

Woman who stabbed elderly neighbour 68 times appeals sentence

A Winnipeg woman who stabbed and killed her elderly neighbour in a random attack is appealing her 12-year prison sentence, arguing the law wasn’t applied properly to her case and the overall punishment she got was unfit.

Woman convicted of sexual assault in HIV-disclosure case appeals to Supreme Court

A Manitoba woman convicted of aggravated sexual assault and sent to jail for not disclosing she had HIV to a sex partner is hoping to bring an appeal of her controversial case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

'I still hear my own scream': Burn victim awaits sentencing of arsonists

A Manitoba man left scarred for life after suffering near-fatal burns in a Dauphin arson attack says a two-decade-long prison sentence prosecutors are fighting for in his case isn’t long enough.

Families unsure whether to take part in missing Indigenous women inquiry

Some families of missing and murdered Indigenous women remain uncertain if they should take part in a national inquiry aimed at examining the violence in their communities, according to a group representing them.

Longtime Manitoba chief medical examiner retires from top role

He may no longer be Manitoba’s Chief Medical Examiner – but don’t call him retired. Dr. Thambirajah Balachandra confirmed Tuesday he retired his CME post, but the 71-year-old says he still plans to do medical examinations for as long as he can.

RCMP gun used to shoot Calli Vanderaa was safely stored, Mountie tells supervisor

A Manitoba Mountie at the centre of a stolen-gun case that saw a Winnipeg teen shot and seriously injured told an RCMP supervisor he’d locked his gun securely in a police car – only to see the keys to the vehicle stolen from his house while he and his family were asleep inside.

City's green vehicle system plagued with problems: lawsuit

A Winnipeg businessman says he's stunned by allegations that his company has breached the terms of a $1-million contract awarded by the City of Winnipeg in an effort to boost its environmental-friendliness and financial bottom line.