Idris Elbakri

Idris Elbakri is a Canadian Palestinian who was born in Jerusalem and has called Winnipeg home for over 15 years.

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Hope, disappointment, self-censorship: What it's like to be a Palestinian Canadian

"Palestine is my homeland and Canada is my adopted country. I love both," says Idris Elbakri. But while living in Canada has helped "process my Palestinian experience and understand it more deeply ... not everything Canada taught me was positive," he says.

Messages of hope and transformation can ease pandemic pain: Manitoba Islamic Association chair

'We all need to have a healthy combination of responsibility and hope to get through this,' says Manitoba Islamic Association chair Idris Elbakri. 'We have what it takes. We are almost there.'

Diversity lessons from the hajj for Maxime Bernier and Canada

Like the hajj, living in a diverse society is hard work.

Let's come together, not stand apart, 1 year after the Quebec City mosque shooting

Islamophobia is real. I know it from first-hand experiences and from my work in the Muslim community. But is designating Jan. 29 a special day to combat Islamophobia the best way forward?

Why I choose to celebrate Canada 150 while acknowledging our faults

Since we immigrated to 12 years ago, our family has made a point of participating in Canada Day celebrations. This year, I am struggling with conflict between expressing love to my adopted country and standing in solidarity with the original inhabitants.

Ramadan in Winnipeg: Long days of fasting, but more time for reflection

Like Christmas, Ramadan is a global event joined in by every part of the globe. It is also a vehicle for the expression of culture and values, and Canada is no exception.