Ian Froese

Provincial Affairs Reporter

Ian Froese covers provincial politics and its impact for CBC Manitoba. He previously reported on a bit of everything for newspapers. You can reach him at ian.froese@cbc.ca.

Latest from Ian Froese

Manitoba cannot fall behind other provinces in minimum wage, premier vows ahead of new legislation

After initially suggesting the wages of Manitoba's lowest-paid employees are rising on their own, Premier Heather Stefanson wants to tip the scales and improve a minimum wage that's poised to be the lowest in Canada. 

Western Manitoba will be short 20 doctors this summer, temporary ERs closures expected

The health authority in western Manitoba expects to be down 20 doctors by the end of the summer, as it currently struggles with finding staff at two personal care homes and to prevent ERs from closing temporarily.

Manitoba saw nearly as many congenital syphilis cases last year as all of Canada in 2020

A growing number of newborns are born with a disabling, life-threatening disease that was virtually unheard of in Manitoba only a few years ago.

Manitoba prepares to turn over child welfare to Indigenous governments with information-sharing legislation

Manitoba is introducing legislation it says will help Indigenous governments take control of child welfare in their communities.

Overcrowded Grace Hospital emergency room 'at the breaking point,' nurse says

At any given time, as many as 20 patients are waiting in the hallway. Jan Wynn's 90-year-old father spent seven hours in a hallway. "I didn't want anybody to forget that he was there."

Manitoba pushes ahead on education tax rebate, despite opposition to payouts for commercial property owners

The Manitoba government is ready to dish out education rebate cheques for the second straight year, despite the NDP's objections to tax relief being extended to corporate landowners. 

Family urges Manitoba to change rules, formally accept newborn's Indigenous name

A First Nations family's push to convince Manitoba to recognize the traditional name of their newborn daughter has landed in the provincial legislature.

Liberal leader challenges Manitoba premier in court for failing to disclose real estate sales

Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson is fighting a formal complaint against her in court for failing to disclose real estate sales worth tens of millions of dollars, in apparent violation of provincial conflict of interest rules.

NDP wants to stop education tax rebate from benefiting corporate property owners

Manitoba's Opposition says education property tax rebates should only go to homeowners and farmers — not the owners of commercial properties.

Norway House Cree Nation to evacuate personal care home residents as health worries mount

A Manitoba First Nation is going out on its own and evacuating residents of its personal care home for safety reasons.