Emily Brass

Emily Brass is a journalist and anchor at CBC Manitoba, and host of the podcast Type Taboo: Diary of a New Diabetic. She's also worked for CBC in Montreal, Toronto, St. John's, Victoria and London, UK.

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As food bank use soars, Winnipeg group helps fill the gap for North End families

Food bank use in Manitoba is at an all time high, and the need is especially pronounced in Winnipeg's North End, where a well-visited food pantry shut down earlier this year.

Manitobans who use food banks face extra challenges if they also have a health condition

Nearly half of Manitobans accessing food banks are living with a disability or health condition, a new survey suggests. And nearly three-quarters of those polled say they can't afford the healthy food they need to manage chronic health conditions.

Winnipeg family gives up on car-free lifestyle after struggles with public transit

A Winnipeg couple who gave up their car for environmental and social reasons said unreliable bus service and transit safety issues drove them to buy a minivan.

HIV support groups struggle for funding as transmission rates rise in Manitoba

The Manitoba HIV Program and Nine Circles Community Health Centre hope the new provincial government will respond more quickly to rising rates of HIV than the outgoing administration.

Young voters disappointed by lack of concrete climate plans in Manitoba election

A non-partisan grassroots group focused on climate policy says none of the four leading provincial parties in Manitoba is promising a clear and detailed action plan to meet targets set out in the Paris Agreement.

Carrying on the dream: Fred Fox runs in Winnipeg to honour brother Terry

Terry Fox didn't reach Manitoba during his Marathon of Hope to raise money for cancer research in 1980, but his brother Fred Fox said Terry would have been happy to see the legacy he left behind.

Plagiarism cases growing at U of Manitoba as students increasingly turn to artificial intelligence

University of Manitoba students say artificial intelligence can be a helpful tool, but the university's student union warns AI must be used ethically, in consultation with professors.

Electric bus market powers back up after pandemic setbacks: New Flyer CEO

New Flyer is hiring back staff to work on more than $6 billion US worth of orders, as transit agencies across North America update their fleets with zero emission buses.

1 day after child's death reported, provincial agency asks family to return medical equipment

12 year-old Caleb McKague's grandmother said an agent with the Materials Distribution Agency (MDA) called her with a list of items the day after the province was notified of his death, asking for the equipment to be brought back.

Donated pandemic visitation shelter will house Manitoba community's first food bank

Volunteers in Vita are using a pandemic cast-off to help fight hunger, as they work to transform one of the province's decommissioned visitation pods into the town's first food bank.