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Eleanor has more than 15 years of experience in television news as a producer, reporter, anchor and host. She has covered everything from politics to consumer trends but is most driven to find local stories that resonate or have an impact on the community. You can reach her at Eleanor.Coopsammy@cbc.ca Twitter: @ECoopsammy

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Residents group hopes it's last call for Exchange District club where man was killed

People living in the Exchange District say Citizen Nightclub getting its licence suspended won't solve a bigger problem of an out-of-place venue in a changing neighbourhood

On World Kindness Day, local charities say they can count on kindness of Manitobans every day

Nov. 13 is World Kindness Day, first started in 1998 to encourage people to be kind to one another. Here in Winnipeg, people say they rely on acts of kindness every day, and that Manitobans can always be counted on to be generous.

'Virtual clinic' of specialists focused on Lyme disease diagnosis, treatment expected to open early next year

The tick-borne collaborative care service, a virtual clinic to connect family doctors and patients to key medical specialists is set to be online by early 2020. It's meant to streamline diagnosis and treatment for people dealing with complex illnesses like Lyme disease.

Confusion over LGBT group protest at Niverville High School

Two Niverville students wanted to peacefully protest Conservative MP Ted Falk at their school. They were given the sign-off to do so, but on the day of the event were told their t-shirts and flags were too much of a statement.

Curb damaged by city truck 26 years ago scheduled for repair — by 2037

A Winnipeg man says he remembers exactly when he called the City to fix a curb outside his house, after snow removal. Twenty-six years later he's still waiting.

Recent shootings reinforce need for Play It Safe Halloween

After a weekend of violence that saw three homicides in Winnipeg's North End, organizers of Play It Safe Halloween say the event is more important than ever.

Couple goes big on small business dream with DIY Craft Bar

Sheri and Clifton Doyle left the investment banking and fashion industries to open DIY Craft Bar. They're not alone, as more small businesses are opening up than closing down across the country, and some want to keep that momentum going.

Winnipeg homeowners still in the dark days after storm desperate for power, answers on repair costs

Some Winnipeg homeowners are still in the dark about how to get their power back on, after being told by electricians and Manitoba Hydro that their panels, meters or masts may not be up to code. Others want to know where their responsibilities end and the city's begin.

Winnipeg boy raises money to give young Crohn's sufferers a less painful option

Cohen Martyniuk was tired of days of pain and lost school days because of how he had to check on his Crohn's disease. When a less painful option appeared but funding wasn’t available, Cohen and his family stepped up.

Award-winning dance company comes to Winnipeg to share 'heart and soul' of Philippines

A well-known dance troupe from the Philippines is in Winnipeg this weekend to showcase what it means to be Filipino in the modern age, through contemporary and jazz-infused dance.