Danelle Cloutier

Associate Producer/Technician

Danelle Cloutier is an associate producer and audio technician in current affairs at CBC Manitoba. She has a background in audio engineering and journalism.

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Reclaiming their voices: Therapeutic choir gives people with Parkinson's something to sing about

A therapeutic choir called U-Tunes that helps people with Parkinson's disease strengthen their voices opens a second location on Thursday.

Demolition begins on Winnipeg heritage building at risk of collapsing

Demolition has begun on a heritage building in Winnipeg's Exchange District that the city said was at risk of collapsing.

Manitoba teachers in China get temperature checks, tracking app amid coronavirus

Temperature checks, tracking apps and job delays are now part of daily life for two Manitoba teachers living and working in China, but they aren't in a rush to come home.

Coronavirus stalls funding, delays distribution for Manitoba tech startups

The outbreak of coronavirus has put the growth of a Manitoba startup on hold by delaying possible funding and access to a huge foreign market, says the company's head.

Winnipeg man raises $40K for Wuhan during self-quarantine on return from China

A Winnipeg man who quarantined himself after returning from China used those two weeks to fundraise $40,000 to send medical supplies to Wuhan, Hubei, China.

Manitoba business owners feeling financial hit from coronavirus

Manitoba business owners who rely on China for their revenue are feeling the financial impacts of the coronavirus, and a business expert says this may just be the beginning.

Winnipeg father feels targeted after teacher suggests he quarantine son

A Winnipeg father was shocked when his son's daycare teacher suggested he quarantine his five-year-old after the father returned from China.

'It's like being a ghost:' Former Manitoban shares life in hiding from abusive ex-partner

A former Manitoban had to uproot her life and change her identity when she was put into witness protection to hide from her former abusive partner. Now she's sharing her story — and her poetry — to let people know she still exists.

Woman visiting Manitoba confronts self-proclaimed 'Nazi' after racist verbal attack

A Calgary woman who came to visit her family in Manitoba this summer says she was shocked by the racist verbal attack she endured when she asked a stranger for directions.

Hot weather prompts bottled water, sunscreen calls at Winnipeg homeless shelters

As the temperatures rise, so do the risks of sunstroke among Winnipeg's homeless population, prompting homeless shelters to ask for weather-specific donations.