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Cassandra Szklarski is a reporter with The Canadian Press.

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Study tracks hospital readmission risk for COVID-19 patients in Alberta, Ontario

A new study offers a closer look at possible factors that may lead to some hospitalized COVID-19 patients being readmitted within a month of discharge.

Clinical trials start in Halifax for USask's COVID-19 vaccine candidate

The first three of 108 adult volunteers received injections of a new Canadian-made vaccine in Halifax. The new vaccine does not need ultra-cold storage.

Ontario doctors urge domestic drug manufacturing over fears of pandemic shortages

The Ontario Medical Association has released a white paper outlining fears that rising COVID-19 cases and hospital admissions could limit drug supplies in coming weeks.

Experts call for community sacrifices to ensure COVID-19 safety in schools

Provincial lockdown measures have been extended in Alberta and Manitoba, while Saskatchewan has said it plans to review the status of its Christmas limits on gatherings and retail capacity.

Doctors, pharmacies explore drive-thru, outdoor clinics to meet flu shot demand

Pharmacies and doctor's clinics outside of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick are still waiting to deliver flu shots.

Fewer COVID-19 deaths in B.C. than Ontario long-term care credited to funding, policy

Quicker, more decisive action against COVID-19 in British Columbia is one of the reasons the province has suffered far fewer long-term care deaths than Ontario, a new study says.

Canada's higher COVID-19 death rate tied to better chronic disease control

More Canadians live longer with chronic disease, putting them at greater risk of dying from COVID-19, heart researchers say.

Canada's proportion of COVID-19 deaths in long-term care double the average of other countries, study shows

A new study finds the proportion of Canadian COVID-19 deaths that have occurred in long-term care facilities is about twice the average of rates from other developed countries.

COVID-19 closes curtain on Mirvish Productions, Stratford Festival seasons

COVID-19 safety concerns are closing the curtain on hotly-touted theatre shows planned by Mirvish Productions, as well as the Stratford Festival.

Health officials looking at more high-tech methods to track spread of COVID-19 in Canada

Increasingly frustrated health officials say they are prepared to take more aggressive measures to track and contain people with COVID-19 as the number of sick and dead continues to soar.