Caroline Barghout

Investigative Reporter, CBC Manitoba I-Team

Caroline began her career co-hosting an internet radio talk show in Toronto and then worked at various stations in Oshawa, Sudbury and Toronto before landing in Winnipeg in 2007. Since joining CBC Manitoba as a reporter in 2013, she has won an award for her work on crowded jails and her investigation into Tina Fontaine's death led to changes in the child welfare system. Email:

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City of Winnipeg battling police HQ contractors for documents including medical records, tax returns

The City of Winnipeg is still fighting in court to get documents from defendants more than two years into its lawsuit alleging fraud against some of the contractors and consultants involved in the Winnipeg police headquarters construction project.

Official hired to protect city's interests in Winnipeg police HQ project got $105K 'kickback': lawsuit

The City of Winnipeg alleges in a recent court filing the director of its downtown police headquarters project — an official hired to look after the city's interests — received a $105,000 "kickback" from the main contractor on the job.

City alleges more companies were part of 'scheme' to defraud taxpayers in Winnipeg police HQ project

The City of Winnipeg says it recently discovered additional companies and individuals were involved in the scheme to defraud taxpayers in the construction of the Winnipeg Police Services Headquarters, according to documents filed in court obtained by CBC News.

Former Winnipeg CAO argued he should only be on the hook for half of $327K bribe if he loses appeal

Former City of Winnipeg chief administrative officer Phil Sheegl says not all of the money a judge ruled he owes the city for damages belongs to him. A judge did not agree.
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Owners of pricey properties pocketed big bucks from tax cuts promised to help low-income Manitobans

Manitoba’s new education tax rebate was touted as a way to bring relief to working people, seniors and lower-income families, but a CBC analysis found that owners of Winnipeg's most expensive properties reaped the most benefit to the tune of millions in rebates.
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Mistake by e-commerce platform Shopify nearly costs B.C. business $18K

When a customer complained he hadn't received his merchandise, this B.C. company sent ample evidence to the contrary to Shopify. But Shopify didn't send it to the investigating bank, nearly costing the merchants some $18,000. One expert says the credit card industry is a web of complicated relationships that often puts the customer first.
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Her mail was opened, her Apple Watch stolen and this woman blames Canada Post

An Ontario woman says her Apple Watch went missing after it was mailed from Australia by her daughter, and she suspects the package was opened by someone within Canada Post.
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Winnipeg police stymied by encryption on alleged child sex predator's electronic devices

Newly unsealed court documents give a glimpse into the challenges the Winnipeg Police Service faced trying to uncover the contents of an accused child sex-abuser’s electronic devices.
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Woman outraged CIBC job application suggests traditional regalia for video cover letter

An Indigenous Winnipeg woman says she was stunned by some questions on a CIBC job application, one of them asking about her favourite Indigenous tradition. Experts say it’s an opportunity for Canadian companies to learn better practices when pursuing diverse workplaces.
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Man wanted in Philippines for sex crimes against kids known to Winnipeg police since 2011: search warrant

A Winnipeg man wanted in connection with an alleged child sex trafficking ring in the Philippines has abandoned his motion that, if successful, would have forced Winnipeg police to return electronic devices seized during the execution of a search warrant.