Cameron MacIntosh

Senior reporter

Cameron MacIntosh is a senior reporter with CBC National News based in Winnipeg.

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Downtown Bay committee chair looking for a 21st-century vision for 20th-century 'statement piece'

Chair of committee to redevelop Winnipeg's shuttered Hudson's Bay Building believes there is vision and money to reinvent the historic landmark

With gym, pools and other activities closed, backyard ice rinks are booming

What do you do in the middle of a pandemic, when winter weather has arrived and almost every form of recreation is banned? Build an outdoor rink. And that’s exactly what many Winnipeggers are scrambling to do.

Woman who spent years scrubbing explicit video from internet urges tech firms to make it easier to remove

She was only 14 when she was groomed into having virtual sex with an older man she met on social media. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection says she's one of thousands whose images are shared around the world who are finding it hard to report sexually explicit material involving minors and have it removed.

High North Dakota COVID-19 death rate hits home for Canadian family

North and South Dakota are strong Republican states that have resisted mandating public health measures, saying they should be a personal choice, but now cases are spiking and hospitals are overwhelmed. Last week, an analysis by the Federation of American Scientists found that the two states had the highest COVID-19 mortality rates in the world for the seven-day period up to Nov. 21.

Hydroponic produce is blooming in Churchill, Man.

Three months into a hydroponic experiment in Churchill, Man., the project is exceeding expectations. Fresh greens grown in a shipping container are being delivered door to door in the northern community, where fresh produce is otherwise hard to come by.

Update on number of asylum seekers only tells part of the story

New government stats offer small glimpse into the flow of asylum seekers into Canada.

Officials can't say how many asylum seekers enter Canada illegally

Officials are unable to say how many asylum seekers enter Canada illegally because federal, provincial and non-governmental agencies all keep statistics in different ways

RCMP bracing for more border crossers amid community concerns

Manitoba RCMP's commanding officer, Assistant Commissioner Scott Kolody, says his force is doing its due diligence on the border and has added more resources to this area.

Keeping WW1 history alive for generations who have never known war

Canadians identify with the First World War - it's part of our identity. But with the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge approaching, many no longer know the details of this devastating war.

Northern exposure: Manitoba's northern economy facing serious challenges

Manitoba's northern economy is facing serious challenges after announcements of mine and mill closures.