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Bridget is a multi-media journalist with a passion for personal storytelling, social justice, and current affairs. She's the host and producer of the Winnipeg Famous podcast that explores the quirky culture of her hometown, and an associate producer for CBC Radio's award-winning weekly show Now or Never. Got a story to share? Email or get in touch on Instagram @binthepeg.

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How Cheryl Lashek became Winnipeg Famous without trying

Cheryl Lashek worked hard to get her degree and career in engineering, but she never expected to become Winnipeg Famous. Her signature in every elevator in Manitoba inspired an online fan page, art and a tattoo. Find out what she thinks of her notoriety and why she wants to inspire girls to pursue engineering.

'You have to forgive me': Winnipeg mom recalls struggle to accept her son's female-to-male transition

The mother of a transgender man opens up about what it was like to see her daughter, Rosemary, become her son, Ro Walker
Winnipeg Famous

'We have much to offer': Gramma Shingoose shares tradition in times of joy, sadness

Anishinaabe elder Geraldine "Gramma" Shingoose is often called to lead ceremonies in times of joy or sadness and at community events in Winnipeg. But her connection to her culture and the ceremonies that offer comfort was almost severed twice — once by residential school and once by grief.
Winnipeg Famous

Jeanne's Cake: A family legacy, an ongoing debate for Winnipeggers

You either love it or hate it, but Jeanne's Cake has become Winnipeg Famous for being on the table at celebrations for more than 70 years. But who was Jeanne, and why did her grandson sell the successful business?
Winnipeg Famous

No-scalpel vasectomy doctor uses humour to calm patients

When Dr. Errol Billinkoff brought the no-scalpel vasectomy to Winnipeg, his family practice gave way to his specialty. After 27,000 procedures and 27 years, he's become Winnipeg Famous for his technique, efficiency and sense of humour.
Winnipeg Famous

Rod Peeler: The man behind the bus bench

Real estate agent Rod Peeler's resemblance to musician Rod Stewart has had Winnipeggers doing double takes and testing his "I never sleep" slogan with late-night phone calls for 35 years.

'I couldn't even pick up my son': Illness forces family to use food bank

Richard Blyth thrived working long shifts running a busy kitchen to support his young family until one day in December 2008, he suddenly collapsed at work.

Manitoba First Nation wants used fiddles to help keep students on right path

The new principal of a First Nations school hopes to improve students' lives with used instruments.

Former child refugee, rescued by Winnipeggers, returns to Burundi to open health clinic

Winnipeggers gave him a chance for a better life. Now a former child refugee has returned to Burundi to realize his dream of opening a health clinic.

Lundar students build ready to move home for auction

While other high school students might build bird houses in carpentry class Lundar School students build ready to move houses.