Brett Purdy

CBC National Field Producer

Before becoming the field producer for The National in Winnipeg, Brett was a video journalist with CBC Manitoba, filing for TV, online and radio. Brett has been in broadcasting since 2004, spending time with CTV and Global Winnipeg. Brett also worked as a producer in the Northwest Territories for two years, where he produced documentaries for national broadcasts about the Inuvialuit people in Canada's western Arctic.

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Flooding farms in order to flood-proof cities: The tricky balance of controlling the Red River

Farmers whose property will find itself in the middle of a multibillion-dollar man-made flood plain say there has to be a better way to protect the 230,000 people living downstream in Fargo, N.D., and Moorhead, Minn., from the Red River.

With jobs but no workers, Manitoba community recruits through provincial immigration program

At a time when Canada's refugee and immigration policy is being hotly debated, the small community of Morden, Man., has seen its size nearly double in the last decade, much of it as a result of foreign workers recruited under a provincial program.

Canada's test-tube baby regulations need to be rewritten, critics say

Surrogates, donors and parents-to-be say infertility issues in the Canadian health-care system could be handled better.

Children at this northern daycare often spend most of their day outside

The Forest Nature program officially opened at the centre in Thompson near the end of November. The northern Manitoba city's outdoor daycare is geared towards kindergarten-aged kids.

Mechanic with rare skin disorder finds new purpose 'reimagining, redesigning and reinventing' scrap metal

Thompson, Man., resident Don Glenn was a mechanic for 16 years until he was diagnosed with dermatographia in 2015. Unable to work and broke, he turned his talents to reclaiming scrap materials and turning them into household items.

Thompson residents glad to have cause for celebration as preparations underway for Manitoba Winter Games

The Manitoba Winter Games, which involve nearly 2,000 athletes and up to 1,000 volunteers, are coming at a time when Thompson needs something to celebrate.

Community safety officers a model for dealing with RCMP shortage in northern Manitoba

To support RCMP in a busy Thompson detachment, the city of Thompson partnered with the province in 2015 to launch a two year pilot project which amended existing legislation to give community safety officers, peace officer status and the authority under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act to deal with concerns that the RCMP would otherwise deal with.

Staking out a future: Thompson adjusts as mining industry slows

Rajinder Thethy has put almost $750,000 in his carwash business in Thompson, Man., and it’s investments like his the northern city is banking on to help stabilize — and build — the economy as the local mining industry slows.

Manitoban amateur and professional hockey players look to become Olympic heroes

With no National Hockey League players going to the Olympics for the first time since 1994, amateur and professional hockey players from other leagues will be vying for a chance to represent Canada on the Olympic stage.

Smile, you're on camera — and staff at Winnipeg security company may be watching

Security camera footage of an attempted dealership theft showcases a growing Winnipeg security firm and the improving technology behind surveillance.