Ayesha Badiola

Ayesha Badiola is a high school student who grew up in the Philippines, before her family relocated to Steinbach, Man. She loves "hoops, writing and reporting," and hopes to one day cover the Toronto Raptors as a journalist or a sideline reporter.

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It's back to pre-pandemic basics for this school year, says Steinbach Grade 11 student

Steinbach teen Ayesha Badiola has been diarizing her experience as a high school student during a pandemic. "It is 2022, I am now in Grade 11 and my days have seen drastic changes," she writes in her latest entry.
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Teen sums up lessons learned after 'unconventional' school year

We’re officially into summer! I cross my fingers for normalcy next school year, wondering what it’ll look like. But the past one? Wow, that went by quickly.
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What does remote learning look like? 'Comfortable, but not very glamorous,' says Manitoba student

Steinbach's Ayesha Badiola has been journaling student life during pandemic. "Is this what I envisioned for the first half of my sophomore year? No," she writes in her latest entry. "And who knows what the second semester has for us."
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Steinbach student slam dunks sports withdrawal during pandemic

High school student Ayesha Badiola has been journaling life during the pandemic, without her beloved team sports. "In our high school bubble ... athletics are starting to make a slow comeback, but bleachers are still empty," she says.
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Steinbach, Man., student survives crash course in pandemic education

Ayesha Badiola described the first day of COVID-19 school life as "officially the most peculiar way to start school."
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Steinbach student shares life lessons from return to school during the 'temporary new normal'

Steinbach high school students Ayesha Badiola is journaling the first weeks of her return to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. "The start of an unorthodox school year is days away and I have mixed feelings about it. Questions fog up my head," she writes.