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Against the odds, several hopeful entrepreneurs launched small businesses in Winnipeg's core last year

Numerous iconic Winnipeg businesses shut their doors forever in 2022, but it was also a year aspiring entrepreneurs filled the void by launching longed dreamed of ventures of their own downtown.

Parents heartbroken child's injuries by Winnipeg police dog not deemed serious enough for IIU to investigate

The parents of a boy who lost a tooth and required several stitches to his lip after being bitten by a Winnipeg police dog say they're heartbroken to learn Manitoba's police watchdog decided not to investigate the matter — without ever talking to the family. 

Dad of newborn admitted to intensive care wants more action to curb respiratory infections in Manitoba

A Winnipeg dad whose seven-week-old son recently spent four days in hospital battling respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, says the province and some parents don't seem to appreciate the seriousness of the situation.

Iranian Canadians in Manitoba call for tougher sanctions on Iran after 2nd protester hanged

Iranian Canadians in Winnipeg are condemning the execution of a second anti-government protester by Iran, and want Canada and other nations to implement tougher sanctions against the country immediately.

Crushed by debt after abusive relationship, woman who worked 80-hour weeks turned to Harvest Manitoba for help

A Winnipeg woman who says she went overnight from a middle-class lifestyle to having only noodles to eat is one of the record number of people who turned to food banks this year, according to Harvest Manitoba's latest report.

Manitoba family doctors say it'll take more than money for them to open longer hours

Manitoba family doctors say they're hopeful about some of the province's plans to improve the health-care sector, but caution that it'll take more than money for doctors and clinics to extend their hours.

Winnipeg's 3rd full street census suggests thousands experiencing homelessness in the city

A survey launched Wednesday at Siloam Mission reached over 1,200 people in the city without homes, and researchers say that number doesn't reflect the size of the problem.  

Parents angry after teen says she was aggressively interrogated by off-duty Winnipeg police officer

The Winnipeg Police Service’s professional standards unit is investigating a complaint by a father who says an off-duty officer aggressively interrogated his 14-year-old daughter at her high school, saying she hit his car with her hand while crossing the street.

Russian invasion adds significance to triennial gathering of Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Winnipeg

Close to 400 delegates with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress are gathered in Winnipeg from across Canada to attend the XXVII Triennial Congress of Ukrainian Canadians this weekend at the Delta Hotel. 

Charges against Winnipeg teens upgraded to 1st-degree murder in death of man found near Bell Hotel

Two 15-year-old boys charged in a string of violent August assaults in Winnipeg's inner city that left two people dead are now charged with first-degree murder in one of those attacks.