Alexa Joy

Alexa Joy is a researcher, journalist and graduate student at The New School for Social Research.

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Uncensored with Alexa Joy embraces Kinfolk — 'a space for us'

Alexa Joy visits Take Home, a BIPOC-centred artists' studio, and Kinfolk, an incubated collective, which make it a priority to support Black femme, trans, non-binary and queer voices in Winnipeg's art scene.   

Uncensored with Alexa Joy celebrates legacy of Inez Stevenson

Inez Stevenson was Manitoba's first Black school board trustee, from 1974 to 1981, but the mother of four, advocate, educator and all-around trailblazer came from humble beginnings. 

Why an all-Black creative team made history when making The Porter

The new TV series The Porter will make local and national television history with its debut, says Alexa Joy, host of CBC's Uncensored.
First Person

Uncensored host aims to create space to share experiences, advocate for racial justice through conversation

While the recent coverage of police violence in the U.S. can become overwhelming, Alexa Joy, host of CBC Radio's Uncensored, says she wants to "offer some incredible voices from our community to help get you through any challenges you might be experiencing."

Why the verdict in George Floyd's murder is only a bittersweet glimpse of justice

Former police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted in the death of George Floyd, but many are overlooking the systemic injustice, writes Alexa Joy.

We're smug about violent racism in the U.S., but there's blood on Canadian hands, too

The never-ending list of names of Black and Indigenous people taken fatally by our police continues to grow, with most of the country unaware of these injustices, writes Alexa Joy.

What the U.S. presidential election results mean for Black Manitobans

"As we witness the state of democracy in America, issues regarding public health, social justice and the abuse of power are not that far removed from Manitoba," says Blackspace Winnipeg co-founder Alexa Joy.

'It's time for healing': CBC's Uncensored looks at the mental health toll of anti-Black racism

"Black communities have been making calls for better mental health services for too long," Dr. Fatimah Jackson-Best tells host Alexa Joy. "The calls are now deafening — it's a scream. The community knows what the community needs."

CBC's Uncensored looks at why art galleries need to better showcase Black, POC artists

CBC Uncensored host Alexa Joy asks what it will take to restructure the Canadian art world "that excludes our artists and histories."

'Who do you call?' CBC Radio's Uncensored explores the need for police

This week’s episode of Uncensored takes listeners through a discussion on defunding police services. It's a discussion host Alexa Joy acknowledges may cause discomfort, but that's OK, she says.