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As Manitoba mulls changing its vaccine priorities, it's 'all hands on deck' next door in Saskatchewan

The speed with which coronavirus variants of concern are spreading in Canada is making the need to get people vaccinated more urgent. With an increasing number of older people immunized, provinces are faced with choosing who's next on the priority list. 

Manitoba youth fight racism by sharing their messages online

A group of Manitoba young people have taken to social media to help fight racism — And they’re using both their voices and design skills to do it. 

Lock down now or watch the numbers: How should Manitoba prepare for the COVID-19 third wave?

As COVID-19 case numbers soar in other parts of Canada, a Manitoba infectious disease expert says the province should be tightening restrictions before a third wave takes hold and case numbers get out of control.

Manitoba could see 3rd wave of COVID-19, experts say, as cases surge in other provinces

Dr. Philippe Lagacé-Wiens would like to be proven wrong. But the medical microbiologist and physician at St. Boniface Hospital can’t help but think Manitoba will likely see a resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

With risk of more infectious coronavirus variants growing, experts call for more caution outdoors

As new, more infectious coronavirus variants spread in provinces across Canada, experts say people need to be taking precautions to reduce transmission — even outside.

New testing shows more infectious variant present in Manitoba weeks before it was announced

One of the more infectious variant strains of the novel coronavirus had been spreading for at least two weeks in Manitoba before it was first announced by public health officials.

Epidemiologist urges caution as eased pandemic rules allow singing, wind instruments in Manitoba schools

The province announced it’s easing COVID-19 restrictions to allow students to sing and play wind instruments inside Manitoba schools starting Monday, but a Winnipeg epidemiologist cautions it might be too soon to relax the rules.

One-third of COVID-19 patients in Manitoba's ICUs died in first year of pandemic

Mortality rate is closer to 20 per cent for non-COVID patients receiving intensive care, Dr. Bojan Paunovic says.

1 year later, Manitoba doctors explain how they're treating COVID-19

While there is still much to learn about COVID-19, Manitoba doctors say treatments for the disease are improving.

Northern Manitoba reopens, as COVID-19 restrictions ease for first time since November

While southern Manitoba saw some gradual reopening last month, an increase in COVID-19 cases in the northern region meant restrictions there stayed in place.