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​Austin Grabish started reporting when he was young, landing his first byline when he was just 18. He joined CBC in 2016 after freelancing for several outlets. ​​In 2018, he was part of a team of CBC journalists who won the Ron Laidlaw Award for the corporation's extensive digital coverage on asylum seekers crossing into Canada. Email:

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Tortured in Chechnya for being gay, this man found refuge and safety in Canada

A man who was tortured in Chechnya for being gay is sharing his story to inspire others from his community whose lives are still in danger.

University, college students split on whether they'll vote. Here's why

University and college students are split on whether they'll go out and vote Tuesday in the provincial election.

Liberals commit to ensuring most Manitobans no more than 20 minutes from health care access

The Liberals want to cut down on health care-related travel costs and say if elected next Tuesday, they’ll work to make sure the majority of Manitobans are no more than 20 minutes away from access to primary care. 

Manitoba Liberals promise to opt into national pharmacare program

The Manitoba Liberals are promising to opt into a national pharmacare system in Canada if elected next Tuesday.

'I'm part of this country now fully': New Canadians cast vote for the very first time

A couple who immigrated to Manitoba from the Philippines is celebrating after voting in the provincial election for the very first time.

Liberals would create safe places program to cut crime

The Manitoba Liberals promise to create a program that would give vulnerable people a safe place to go, 24 hours a day.

PCs promise to let brewers sell on-site drinks without steep government markups

Manitoba's craft breweries and distilleries will be able to keep more cash from sales they make on-site if the Progressive Conservatives are re-elected next week.

Liberals, NDP promise sick note ban, tout $15 minimum wage pledge

Manitoba New Democrats and Liberals were promising to make the lives of workers better Monday while using Labour Day as a backdrop.

New numbers show rise in wait times at Winnipeg ERs, urgent care centres

Newly released numbers show wait times this July were worse at all but two of Winnipeg’s emergency rooms and urgent care centres when compared to the same time last year.

Manitoba Tories want ER wait time data released, but Grits argue that would break election blackout rules

Manitoba's Progressive Conservatives want permission to release ER and urgent care wait times for the month of July — but the provincial Liberal party is refusing that request, saying it would break blackout rules in place during an election period.

Tories, NDP trade accusations: PCs warn of tax hikes while New Democrats say cuts will come

Progressive Conservatives are warning voters about a possible PST hike if the NDP is elected in Manitoba next month, while the New Democrats caution health-care cuts and new premiums could come if the Tories remain in government.

Body language tells all at Manitoba leaders' debate: experts

Body language experts who paid attention to every gesture and blink Manitoba’s four main party leaders made during the televised leaders’ debate Wednesday night are offering their insight into who they believed performed the best and the worst.

Manitoba NDP, PCs accuse each other of breaking campaign messaging rules

Manitoba New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives are accusing each other of breaking the rules on the use of public resources for their messaging.

Manitoba PCs promise tax interest surcharge rollback for small businesses

Party leader Brian Pallister says small businesses that ow money on their taxes will see a rollback on an interest surcharge if the Progressive Conservatives are re-elected on Sept. 10.

Facebook keeping eye on Manitoba campaign, says team focused on elections will improve security

Facebook says it has a special team working behind the scenes during Manitoba’s provincial election campaign period to ensure its platform isn’t abused before voters go to the polls next month.