Ashton Kutcher gives Winnipeg man nod for romantic video

A Winnipeg man got a Hollywood shout-out from Ashton Kutcher this week, and all he had to do was plan two elaborate vacations for his wife without her knowledge.

Video of surprise trip goes viral after actor shares video with 18.5 million Facebook fans

A Winnipeg man got a Hollywood shout-out from AshtonKutcher this week, and all he had to do was plan two elaborate vacations for his wife without her knowledge.

Derrick Paulson marked his first and fifth wedding anniversaries with his wife Dana by planning and executing elaborate surprise trips – one to the Bahamas and another to Europe.

On their first anniversary, he co-ordinated with her boss, made the travel arrangements, had friends and family watch their house and even packed her bags before telling her they were going to lunch at CHOP, a restaurant near the Winnipeg airport.
A shout-out from Ashton Kutcher has led to a lot of attention for Winnipegger Derrick Paulson after he surprised his wife twice with anniversary vacations. (Teghan Beaudette/CBC)

“When we were just about to get to CHOP, I just kept on driving and that’s when I pulled out my camera and recorded her and said, ‘Hey, we’re not going to CHOP, we’re going to the airport.’”

The only hiccup, Paulson said, was his packing abilities.

“I tried my best, but there was a lot that was forgotten obviously,” he said. “I packed shoes that I thought were good, but she hadn’t worn in six years … It was challenging.”

Fast forward four years and he did it all again in February – but this time for a European vacation.

The only difference is he gave her 90 minutes to pack first, and told her in the kitchen of their home on a morning she thought she’d be heading to work.

“I just handed her a 20 euro note and said, ‘You’re not going to work today,’” he said. “I said, ‘OK, well you are packing a bag this time.’”

In the video, Dana still has wet hair when Paulson hands her the euros and explains why she’ll need them.

As she slowly catches on, Paulson asks her, "Why do you think I've been working like boat-loads of overtime?"

“After it sunk in that she was actually going, I think all she had in her hand was a bra and a camera and she was like, ‘OK, I think I’m half-packed!’” said Paulson.

The video was uploaded earlier this year but caught Kutcher’s attention on Friday. He shared the video with his 18.5 million Facebook fans with the caption, “This guy is a boss.”
In February, Dana Paulson's husband Derrick surprised her with a trip to Europe - the second time he has surprised her with a trip. (YouTube)

“He somehow got a hold of it … and since then it’s just blew up,” said Paulson.

The video has made the rounds on the internet and now has 1.8 million views. Paulson has even been contacted by the Steve Harvey Show to appear on a “best husband” episode.

“A lot of women that see it, they’ll tag their boyfriends with it and say, ‘Hey, just so you know, this is something you should probably think about doing,’ so I’m probably not very popular with a lot of men right now,” he said.

“And I’ve set the bar even too high for myself. I don’t know what I’m going to do for my 10-year anniversary, like, how do I top that?”

Paulson said he is already working on it because his “wife is one of the kindest most special people in the entire world.” 


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