Anti-abortion flyers mailed to Winnipeg homes shock some

Graphic anti-abortion postcard flyers, marked as "important election information," are shocking some Winnipeggers who have found them in their mailboxes this week.

Warning: Story contains disturbing images

Graphic anti-abortion postcard flyers, marked as "important election information," are shocking some Winnipeggers who have found them in their mailboxes this week. 2:08

Graphic anti-abortion postcard flyers, marked as "important election information," are shocking some Winnipeggers who have found them in their mailboxes this week.

Among those who received the cards was Dorian Fontaine, who said he saw "important election information enclosed" printed on the outside envelope and thought it contained information about where to vote in the Oct. 19 federal election.

"I opened it up and I just [was] taken aback," he told CBC News on Wednesday. "These images — repulsive, macabre. I couldn't believe that."

The postcards show graphic images of aborted fetuses.

An anti-abortion organization calling itself the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) is sending the postcards to about 10,000 houses and apartments in Winnipeg via Canada Post.

Another 6,000 cards were delivered to homes in the Winnipeg South Centre riding by volunteers from groups such as Winnipeg Against Abortion.

"We're just volunteers that, you know, we support the project," said Cara Ginter of Winnipeg Against Abortion.

"As long as people are getting the messages, as long as people are seeing the images and learning the truth, I really don't care who thinks put it on."

Ginter said other local organizations helped in delivering the cards, including an anti-abortion group from the University of Manitoba.

The flyers, she said, are in response to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's pro-choice stance and his requirement that Liberal MPs must support pro-choice decisions in the House of Commons.

Fontaine said the message on the envelopes that come with the flyers is deceptive. A Conservative voter, he said he does not agree with the flyer's message.

"As a male, I have no right to dictate over a woman's body. That's her choice," he said.

Jim Carr, the Liberals' candidate in Winnipeg South Central, called the flyers shocking, graphic and outrageous.

Saskatoon mail carrier refuses to deliver flyers

In Saskatoon, at least one Canada Post mail carrier is refusing to deliver the graphic flyers.

Alicia Morin said she is willing to face disciplinary action or even lose her job over her decision not to deliver them, although she hopes it doesn't come to that.

"This is something that they know is graphic in nature, that will offend people," she said.

"I can't believe Canada Post is willing to put their name on the line stating that we are delivering this graphic material."

In a written statement, Canada Post told the union representing its employees, "We are responsible for the physical delivery of all mail in Canada. We do not have the legal right to refuse delivery of a mail item because we or other people object to its content. Anyone who has concerns about the content should either contact the publisher or dispose of it."

According to Elections Canada, any group that wants to send out material for or against a candidate must register as a "third party" once an election is called.

However, a spokesperson with the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform told CBC News that all the postcards were sent out before the election was called, and volunteers had stopped delivering them on Saturday.

The group added that it has not registered as a third party, nor does it plan to do so.


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