American Indian Movement launches community patrol in Winnipeg

A new community patrol hit Winnipeg streets Wednesday night.

Group to patrol areas missed by other neighbourhood watch groups

Norman Lagimodiere, president of the Winnipeg chapter of the American Indian Movement, says the group plans regular patrols similar to the Bear Clan. (Cliff Simpson / CBC)

A new community patrol has hit Winnipeg's streets. 

A chapter of the American Indian Movement has started in the city's core area and will patrol areas it says are being missed by other neighbourhood watch groups.

It set off on foot Wednesday to patrol areas near Pacific, Alexander and Ross avenues.

The group hit the streets for the first time Wednesday night. (Cliff Simpson / CBC)

"Somebody's got to take change now or it's going to get more crazier than it is," said Norman Lagimodiere, president of the new local chapter.

"There's other organizations out there that are patrolling the other neighbourhoods and this one is left out and we need to bring it back for our future, for our kids, for the elders that were in the community that need to feel safe in their homes."

The group is still small and has about 40 members but would like to grow so it can also patrol areas around Winnipeg's Central Park area, Lagimodiere said.