Alberta Liberals to forgive portion of student loans

The Liberals are promising to forgive five per cent of each student's loan — up to $1,000 per year — for every year the student works and files taxes in the province.
Liberal Leader Raj Sherman promises Tuesday in Edmonton to forgive a portion of student loans if his party wins the election. (CBC)

The Liberals are promising to forgive five per cent of each student's loan — up to $1,000 per year — for every year the student works and files taxes in the province.

"Our province's future depends on an educated and skilled workforce," says Sherman. 

The announcement comes after the Liberals promised to phase out post-secondary tuition by 2025.

The Alberta Liberals also announced that parental income will be completely de-linked from student loan criteria.

The Liberals' student loan forgiveness program will be funded through the establishment of an Education Heritage Fund.

The Liberals would invest between 30 and 40 per cent of provincial budget surpluses into the fund.