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Amid uncertainty, Manitoba First Nations, Métis communities consider control of child welfare services

Multiple Manitoba Indigenous communities are mulling a move to take authority over their child welfare systems when a federal law takes effect next month, even as leaders voice concerns about uncertainty surrounding the process. 

Winnipeg activists head to mall on Black Friday to fight for action on climate change

Dozens of protesters filled Winnipeg's Polo Park mall with the sound of chanting and singing as part of a fight against consumerism and climate change on Black Friday.

Former Winnipeg property manager ordered to pay $100K, sentenced to house arrest after misusing funds

A former Winnipeg property developer has been sentenced to a year of house arrest and ordered to pay $100,000 after using investors' money to fund projects including renovations on his home, a sofa for his girlfriend and a hockey rink in his own backyard.

Manitoba ER wait times hold steady, but still longer than Canadian average: report

Emergency room wait times at Winnipeg's hospitals held steady over the past fiscal year, according to the latest update from the Canadian Institute for Health Information — but waits at the now-shuttered ER at Concordia Hospital remained well above average.

'We're fighters': Family of Winnipeg toddler killed in 2018 call for justice

Family of a toddler who was killed in Winnipeg last year say they'll fight for justice so the little boy can rest in peace.

Winnipeg councillor unapologetic after false tweet about mayor

A Winnipeg city councillor said he doesn't owe Mayor Brian Bowman an apology after posting a false rumour on social media the mayor was about to vacate his seat and leave the city.

Proposed cuts to 311 could mean longer waits, closure of city hall desk to meet budget targets

The city's 311 service could slash 10 full-time equivalent jobs and shutter its city hall desk — where residents can do things like pay their water bills or pet licence fees — in an effort to meet tough spending targets over the next four years.

U of Manitoba salary negotiations swept off the table by wage-freeze bill, former union head tells court

Wage-freeze legislation stymied salary bargaining between University of Manitoba administration and the union representing some professors in 2017 — despite the fact the bill hasn't been proclaimed into law, the union's former president testified in court Tuesday.

'We're finally here': Court battle begins as unions fight province over wage-freeze bill

Lawyers for nearly 30 Manitoba labour groups argued in court Monday a wage-freeze bill brought by the Progressive Conservative government is an economically motivated violation of the Charter right to free and meaningful collective bargaining.

Solution to violent crime isn't more policing, experts and community advocates say

Community advocates and criminal justice experts are saying policing is not the answer Manitoba needs, as Winnipeg and the province grapple with a spike in violent crime.

Manitoba commits $1.6M for 5 schools to build community services

Five schools across Manitoba are set to get new provincial funding for community programming, as the province expands its efforts to build school capacity to serve the needs of students and their families.

Why Manitoba liquor stores don't plan to move booze back behind the counter to fight theft

Manitoba's liquor corporation says it's not planning to bring back over-the-counter liquor sales anytime soon — despite suggestions the retro model could curb theft.

'Get it done': Manitoba should adopt Ontario mental health model focused on peer support, advocate says

Bonnie Bricker says researchers in Ontario have already designed a blueprint Manitoba could follow to support psychiatric patients after they leave the hospital.

Why some experts say a law created to prevent duelling is a threat to free speech

Canada's defamatory libel laws are often seen as an obscure legal relic. But one researcher says prosecutions using the charge have climbed steadily in recent years — and she says that's a problem when the law presents an intrusion on freedom of expression and leaves the door open for abuse.

Regulations, funding keep Canada from becoming world leader in cannabis research, scientists say

Onerous regulations and insufficient funding are holding back cannabis research in Canada, some experts say, a year after recreational use of the drug became legal.