6 cases of missing Manitoba women

Over the past two decades, 75 aboriginal women have gone missing in Manitoba, according to aboriginal groups.

Over the past two decades, 75 aboriginal women have gone missing in Manitoba, according to aboriginal groups.

Pressure from aboriginal groups led to the creation of the Manitoba Integrated Task Force for Missing and Murdered Women in 2009.

More than two years later, the commission continues to work on selected cases that show the greatest promise of being solved.

Earlier this year Winnipeg police Chief Keith McCaskill said so far the joint RCMP/Winnipeg Police task force had found no evidence of a serial killer.

Here are six of the some 80 cases that are still unsolved:

Jennifer Leigh Catcheway

Jennifer Leigh Catcheway (Manitoba Integrated Task Force)

Disappeared June 19, 2008, from Portage La Prairie, Man.

Catcheway was planning to spend the day with her parents to celebrate her 18th birthday but never showed up.

Shortly before her disappearance she phoned her mother from Grand Rapids. The family, joined by friends and members of the Manitoba Search and Rescue Association searched for her around Portage and Grand Rapids, but without success.

Catcheway is about 165 pounds and has a small to medium build.

The RCMP continue to investigate and urge anyone with information about the case to contact them in Portage La Prairie at 204-857-4445 or Manitoba Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Amber Lynn McFarland

Amber McFarland (RCMP)

Disappeared Oct. 18, 2008, from Portage La Prairie.

McFarland, who was 24 when she disappeared, is described as five feet and seven inches tall with blonde hair and a slender build.

She was last seen at the Cat and Fiddle Night Club, connected to the Midtown Motor Inn, wearing a black sweater and blue jeans.

Surveillance video from the vendor at the motor inn showed her with two men. Her empty car was found in the parking lot.

Claudette Pricilla June Osborne

Claudette Osborne (Manitoba Integrated Task Force)

Disappeared July 24, 2008, from Winnipeg.

Osborne was 21 in 2008 when she disappeared.

She was last seen at the Lincoln Hotel on McPhillips Street between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. She had given birth two weeks before and may have been emotionally distraught over the seizure of her baby by Child and Family Services.

She was addicted to crack cocaine and was working as a prostitute at the time of her disappearance. Surveillance cameras show her leaving the hotel with a man around 2 a.m. 

Jacqueline Stanicia

Jacqueline Stanicia (Manitoba Integrated Task Force)

Disappeared Aug. 14, 2003, from Winnipeg.

Stanicia was 40 when she was last seen. She had been staying at her sister’s residence on Des Meurons in Winnipeg's St. Boniface neighbourhood.

When her sister awoke, Stanicia was gone and had left behind her medications.

Stanicia had bought a bus ticket for British Columbia, leaving the next week, but it was never used.

This was the first time that Stanicia had ever gone missing.

Sunshine Wood

Sunshine Wood (Manitoba Integrated Task Force)

Disappeared Feb. 20, 2004, from Winnipeg.

Wood moved to Winnipeg from Gods River First Nation to attend Gordon Bell High School.

Six months later, at age 16, she disappeared after leaving the St. Regis Hotel in downtown.

She was last seen standing with a number of other people front of the hotel.

Sylvia Ann Guiboche

Sylvia Ann Guiboche (Manitoba Integrated Task Force)

Disappeared June 13, 2003, from Winnipeg.

Guiboche was eight to nine months pregnant when she disappeared at age 20.

She was working as a prostitute in the area of Sargent Avenue and Ellice Avenue in the West End area when she disappeared.

Her family reported her missing in October after not hearing from her for three months.

SOURCE: Manitoba Integrated Task Force for Missing and Murdered Women