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5 things to do this weekend in Winnipeg

It’s the last weekend before Halloween and that sick, I’ve-waited-another-year-and-made-zero-costume-plans feeling is starting to set in.

Dead poets in South Osborne and film nerd flicks in the Exchange on the menu for 'Peggers

DJ Hunnicutt, DJ Co-Op and Lambo will all be at Union Sound Hall for a Halloween party. (Duncan McNairnay)

It’s the last weekend before Halloween and that sick, I’ve-waited-another-year-and-made-zero-costume-plans feeling is starting to set in. If you haven’t come up with anything yet, don’t worry, there are a bunch of Halloween-themed events in Winnipeg you can go to sans costume this weekend, including a super cute night at the museum and a vastly creepier one at Lower Fort Garry.

If you’re medium about putting together a costume try the Undead Poets Society social in South Osborne this weekend, and if you’re all sorts of keen, head down to Union for their Original Recipe party.

And for those of you who are anti-Halloween altogether, scroll down to the bottom and check out what dark theatre you should be hiding in this weekend.  

WHAT: MUSEUM – Wrapped: The Mummy of Pesed

When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Where: Manitoba Museum at 190 Rupert Ave.

Cost: $15

For the first time over 40 years, you can check out a real mummy in Winnipeg.
A mummy (not this one) will be on display in Winnipeg this weekend. (Matt Rourke/The Associated Press)

The Manitoba Museum is having Pesed, a lady mummy, brought in from Pennsylvania to go on display for a while.

Pesed was originally from Egypt, but now she cools her heels in a coffin and is just waiting for you to come stare at her.

The exhibit also has about 60 other relics from ancient Egypt, as well as some facial reconstructions (COOL) of a bunch of Egyptian mummies.

This is both educational and creepy, so it’s ideal for kids or adult-aged children.

Props to people organized enough to watch Night at the Museum or some other mummy-comes-to-life-in-a-museum movie before they go, and endless respect for those who queue up Mannequin with Kim Cattrall before the mummy visit.

WHAT: SOCIAL – Undead Poets Society

When: Saturday, Oct. 26

Where: South Osborne Legion at 426 Osborne St.

Cost: $15

Break out your unflattering sweaters and broken glasses, people.

Dress as Walt Whitman at the Undead Poet Society social and win the party. (G. Frank E. Pearsall, National Portrait Gallery/The Associated Press)

The South Osborne Legion will be home to the Undead Poets Society social this weekend, and it’s precisely as cool as it sounds.

Socials at legions are already great, but this one is exceptionally cool because they’re having everyone dress as their favourite dead poet. SUPER cool. 

CV2 is a Canadian poetry journal (the academic kind, not the kind you hide under your bed) that needs some money for stuff, so they’re holding the social. There will be music and prizes like most socials, but also some poetry.

Best dead poet costume gets a prize, so I’d start working on your best Sylvia Plath facial expressions now.

WHAT: OUTDOORS - Halloween at the Hill

When: Saturday, Oct. 26 at 7 p.m.

Where: Birds Hill Provincial Park

Cost: FREE

My best Halloween memories as a kid were going to the corn maze or the haunted forest and getting a Styrofoam cup filled with hot chocolate before the after-dark hayride.

Something about a day mixed with sheer terror and hot chocolate left a lasting impression.

So if you have kidlets that are up past 8 p.m., see if you can coax them into checking out Birds Hill Park this weekend.

The park’s ranch is hosting Halloween at the Hill, where kids can go for a haunted walk, make plans to stop a witch from casting a spell, get their faces painted, check out a campfire and also make crafts.

And, if you are willing to spend a bit of cash, you can go on a hay ride. And I think you should.

Oh, and if you want parent-of-the-year award, plan for a late-night screening of Hocus Pocus when you're done at the hill.

WHAT: MUSIC – Halloween: Original recipe

When: Saturday, Oct. 26

Where: Union Sound Hall

Cost: $10 before 11 p.m.

Hey you guys! The city’s two most talented and well-liked DJs are doing sets at Union this weekend. DJ Co-Op and DJ Hunnicutt are spinning at their annual Halloween party.

This year they've dubbed the event Halloween: Original Recipe because Co-Op was noticeably absent last year and will be back this year (yay!).

It’ll be a bit of a departure from last week’s Smithfits Halloween party, which mainly played Brit-pop, punk and new wave.

This weekend will be highly danceable, awesome music with the usual Union crowd, so watch out for hipsters with their heads down, Instagramming everything in sight. 

WHAT: SCARY STUFF - Fright at the Fort

When: Friday, Oct. 25 and Saturday, Oct. 26 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Where: Lower Fort Garry at 5925 Highway 9 in Selkirk

Cost: $9.70 for youths, $13.60 for adults age 17+, $12.35 for seniors

I know I promoted this event just two weeks ago, but this is your last chance to go, and I really do think it’ll be the best Halloween event of the weekend. Plus it still gives you time to go out after for a full Halloween dance party.

Lower Fort Garry is offering haunted tours of their historical site with a bunch of creepy, costumed interpreters taking you around and telling you about people who died there.

My last day-time visit to the site left me totally creeped out, so I can only imagine what a super dark 90-minute walk would be like.

This one isn’t for the tiny people in your life though, no one under 13 is allowed, and adults who do not bring their children can have a post-walk pint at a tavern the fort has set up. FUN.

Bonus – non Halloween event

WHAT: FILM – Casting By

When: Friday, Saturday at 9 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m.

Where: Cinematheque at 100 Arthur St.

Cost: $9

Film nerds take heed: there is a great documentary screening at Cinematheque in the Exchange District this weekend.

Casting By shines the light on the unsung heroes of Hollywood – casting directors. It focuses on the late Marion Dougherty who is super well-known for her casting work on a bunch of great movies including Midnight Cowboy and Full Metal Jacket. She is credited with discovering a bunch of now big-name actors, including Dustin Hoffman.

The film talks to a ton of major actors like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Robert Redford and Danny Glover and looks at how casting directors were stripped of their titles as directors.

Anyone who has ever taken a film studies class or taken even a passing interest in film would probably find the doc very interesting and worth checking out Sunday night!

Check out a preview below:


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