Balmoral Street heritage apartment boarded up after inspectors deemed it unsafe

Winnipeg police and city inspectors swept 181 Balmoral Street on Monday afternoon to ensure tenants had vacated the apartment block.

Tenants had until Monday at 2 p.m. to move out after city inspectors deemed the building unsafe

City staff work to board up 181 Balmoral Street Monday evening. (CBC)

City crews boarded up 181 Balmoral Street early Monday evening, after 20 tenants were ordered to vacate the apartment. 

Everyone who lives in the heritage building were given notice last Thursday to be out of the building by 2 p.m. Monday after fire inspectors deemed the building unsafe.

A handful of people were seen carrying luggage and other belongings out of the building Monday.

One man, who was visibly upset, told CBC News he didn't know where he was going to go.

As tenants filed out of 181 Balmoral on Monday, one man admitted he is not sure where he is going to live. (CBC )

The three-storey apartment block, built in 1902, was ordered to be boarded up after repeated fire code violations, a city spokesperson said.

In addition, the building had no heat or hot water for the past week due to a broken boiler. 

Tenants also said there were safety and security concerns because the building had become overrun with squatters and drug users in recent months.

A spokesperson for the Winnipeg Police Service said the address is not flagged as a gang or drug house, but police had been called to the apartment block at least 34 times in the last month for everything from break and enters, weapons, and fights.

Last week, a spokesperson for the city said members of the city's emergency social services team was working to connect tenants with organizations to help find alternative accommodations.