Long murder trial finally over

One of the longest and costliest criminal trials in Canadian history has ended with two men convicted of murder.

Drug trafficker Rob Stewart was found guilty on two counts of first-degree murder. Richard Mallory, who worked for Stewart as an enforcer and debt collector, was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder.

The charges stem from the shotgun murders of Michel Giroux and his common-law wife Manon Bordeau ten years ago.

He and Bordeau, who was seven-months pregnant, were murdered at home in Cumberland Township. Two other men were also tried and convicted separately for the crime in 1996.

This trial took a heavy toll on everyone involved. Even Crown Attorney Vikki Bair says she is too exhausted to feel jubilant.

"We're all very tired. It's been exhausting. It's cost a lot for everyone involved. I'm relieved."

Two jury members wiped away tears as the judge thanked them for the massive block of time they had given out of their lives. He called the performance of their duties exemplary

The proceedings for these murders began before the O.J. Simpson trial and cost millions of dollars before finally ending Tuesday.

Vikki Bair says that's partly because two other defendants, both convicted in 1996, chose to be tried separately. As a result, 15 or 16 months of the first trial ended up "being duplicated almost exactly ... a massive duplication of effort."

The crown says the motive for the murder was to silence Giroux and send a message to other small-time dealers working with Stewart.

Giroux owed Stewart money, and threatened to go to the police when Stewart ordered him to pay. Bordeau, who was seven months pregnant, was killed simply because she was there.

Lawyers for both Mallory and Stewart say they will appeal the convictions.