Curvy women in yoga? That's not a stretch, local instructor says

London yoga instructor Jennifer Surerus posts social media photographs of herself using the hashtags 'yoga at any size' and 'curvy girl yoga.' She wants to demonstrate that all bodies are welcome in the yoga community.

Jennifer Surerus has been a certified yoga instructor since 2005

Jennifer Surerus hopes to create a more inclusive environment for her students. (Jennifer Surerus)

Jennifer Surerus knows she's not your typical lean, Lycra-wearing yogi. 

"I don't look like that and I suspect some people are surprised when they come into my class," said Surerus who has been a certified yoga instructor since 2005 and teaches in both London and St. Thomas.

"I think the plus-size community has been left out of this scene," said Suerus who also doubles as a doula. "You have that image of the yogi and so, I think it's important for people to know that they are welcome to class."

"I have quite a nice diverse bunch of people that I see. I see people who are in wheelchairs, I see people who are older. I see people who are younger, and all different kinds of body sizes," she said, adding that she offers different options in class for people who may not be able to perform some of the poses.

Jennifer Surerus has been teaching yoga since 2005. (Jennifer Surerus)

To promote her business, Surerus often posts photos of herself in various yoga positions on social media. She uses the hashtags "yoga at any size" and "curvy girl yoga."

​Surerus admitted that occasionally she is confronted by critics.

"Every once in a while online, you get someone saying an off comment and then we just don't engage with that because I'm not going to change somebody's mind on the internet with a back and forth."

Jennifer Surerus advocates for all body types in yoga. (Jennifer Surerus)

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