Batten down the hatches Sunday

Environment Canada has issued to a special weather statement warning of strong winds this Sunday.

Another storm is promising 110 km/hr winds according to Environment Canada.

(Travis Dolynny/CBC)

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement warning of strong winds this Sunday afternoon and evening. The weather agency said there could be frequent, damaging winds that will gust to between 90 and 110 km/hr.

"We are talking about a very, very strong system bringing a warm up to the area [southwestern Ontario] however, behind a cold front associated with the system, it's going to be very windy," said Gerald Cheng, meteorologist with Environment Canada. 

The storm is coming out of the Colorado/Texas area and is heading northeast, said Cheng. It will bring rain on Saturday and then the strong winds Sunday will likely cause some damage.

'It will be a mess'

"People need to be prepared for possible power outages, downed trees and tree branches, roof shingles being blown away and any other loose items being tossed about," said Cheng. "We see those problems with 80 km/hr winds. We're forecasting winds up to 110 km/hr." 

Drivers are also being advised to be careful on roads in the region. Environment Canada is also calling for a strong chance of flurries on Sunday that could create blowing snow and white out conditions.

"If you want to enjoy the weekend, Saturday is the time because come Sunday, it will be a mess," Cheng said.  


The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) is also reminding the public to take care around all bodies of water over the next few days. The rain and warm temperatures will cause local streams, rivers and lakes to rise.

"The Upper Thames River watershed is forecast to receive up to 20 mm of rain over the weekend, combined with above freezing temperatures," the agency stated in a news release. "The UTRCA measured an estimated 40 - 50 mm of water equivalent in the snowpack, on average. The snowpack will consolidate over the weekend and begin to release water, and will continue to do so until below zero temperatures return later Sunday evening."

Major flooding is not expected but conditions will be soggy and require caution, especially along the banks of fast moving waterways.

People are also advised not to trust the ice on lakes and ponds.

"Any ice cover will be weakened and unstable," the release said.

Will it ever end?

Not anytime soon, said Cheng. 

"Unfortunately, we are right now situated in a storm track, right smack underneath a jet stream. That jet stream is bringing all these systems through Ontario and Quebec so that is why we've been seeing such a very active pattern. System after system and it's not going to change anytime soon so I really think we should be prepared."

As for this system, the winds should ease up by Monday. Next week will bring another weather pattern but Cheng said it will be "a bit weaker" but then we need to brace for the cold. 

"There will be a huge cool down," he said. "We are looking at below seasonal temperatures yet again for the better part of next week."