Who's running in London? Here's who

Two Liberal incumbents are among the runners seeking a federal seat in the Oct. 21 federal election.

Londoners will head to the polls for the federal election on Monday, Oct. 21.

A man casts his vote for the federal election in a polling station on Toronto's Ward Island on Monday, May 2, 2011. (Chris Youn/Canadian Press)

With the issuing of the writs on Tuesday, the federal election is officially underway. 

Listed below are the candidates from the parties seeking your vote in four London-area ridings: London North Centre, London Fanshawe, London West and Elgin-Middlesex-London. 


The riding of London-Fanshawe (Elections Canada)

Green Party - Tom Cull

The former London poet laureate teaches creative writing at Western University. From his campaign Facebook page: "A central pillar of the Green platform is our plan to address the threat of climate collapse. The fight to save our planet is the fight to transform our economy while leaving no one behind."

Liberal Party - Mohamed Hammoud

Hammoud works for AutoData, a company that specializes in automotive data and software. He has also taught at both Western University and Fanshawe College. The bio on his candidate website describes him as "an activist and strong supporter of inclusion, he believes in the power of public service to make positive change." Hammoud was acclaimed as the Liberal candidate in the riding over former London Liberal MPP Khalil Ramal.

NDP - Lindsay Mathyssen 

Lindsay Mathyssen admits she has "big shoes to fill" running in the seat held by her mother Irene since 2006.  She's worked on 21 political campaigns, including her first at the age of 11 years old. 

Conservative Party - Michael van Holst

A city councillor elected to his second term last fall, van Holst has taken a leave of absence from Ward 1 to run for the Conservatives. He taught math, physics and chemistry for the 10 years prior to his winning a seat. On council van Holst has been an advocate of councillors working full time and serves on the London Hydro Board of directors. 

People's Party of Canada - Bela Kosoian

Originally from the Republic of Georgia, Kosoian is a former pro chess player and a master of five languages. She has several degrees including international law and relationships from UQAM University, as well as a Masters' degree in Political science from the UWO and a law degree from the University of Ottawa. In her bio, she describes herself as an advocate for the rule of law and personal freedoms.


London North Centre includes most of downtown London and extends as far north as the northern city limit. (Elections Canada)

Conservative Party - Sarah Bokhari 

From her bio: Sarah Bokhari is a political scientist, academic, journalist, women rights activist and a busy mom. Bokhari has also been involved in creating awareness about the need of organ donation, caregivers, mental health and domestic violence.

Green Party - Carol Dyck

From her bio on the Green Party website: Carol believes that the Green Party of Canada's progressive platform offers the best opportunity for Canada to bolster its economy while simultaneously cutting our greenhouse gas emissions and safeguarding our nation's vast and beautiful natural spaces. She's also an advocate of electoral reform and has a BA in International Relations from the University of British Columbia.

Liberal - Peter Fragiskatos

Incumbent Fragiskatos is a member of the standing committee on finance, and the subcommittee on international human rights of the standing committee on foreign affairs and international development.

Fragiskatos had to answer questions about the General Dynamics contract to build light-armoured vehicles for Saudi Arabia. During this election, he'll likely want to talk about how his government kicked in $200 million to improve London transit. 

NDP - Dirka Prout

A long time resident of London, Prout is a first-time candidate. Her bio says Prout is focused on advocating for the London community through her work as current co-chair of the Women's Commission of Canada's NDP and as the president of the London chapter of Spelling Bee of Canada.

People's Party of Canada - Salim Mansur

Mansur is a political science professor at Western University and the author of numerous books. He was born in Calcutta, India, and after arriving in Canada worked his way through school doing odd part-time jobs, including driving cabs. Eventually he earned a doctorate in political science from the University of Toronto. Before joining the University of Western Ontario, he worked as a research fellow at the Canadian Institute for International Peace and Security, in Ottawa.

Communist Party - Clara Sorrenti


London West (Elections Canada)

Green - Mary Anne Hodge

A teacher, Hodge was raised on a farm in rural London. From her bio: "We must build a sustainable society by ensuring all of our decisions reflect the triple bottom line: the economy, the environment and people. Never before has it been clearer that action is needed."

NDP - Shawna Lewkowitz

A human rights activist and community organizer, Lewkowitz's bio says she puts a priority on London's housing crisis, climate change and growing health-care costs.

Conservative - Liz Snelgrove

A healthcare consultant and Western graduate, Snelgrove made news when Doug Ford picked Andrew Lawton over her to run for the provincial Tories in London North Centre in the last provincial election. In her bio, she says the government needs to do more to prepare for the "silver tsunami" — meeting for the needs of Canada's aging population.

Liberal - Kate Young

Prior to being first elected in 2015,  Young worked in journalism and public relations. During her time in parliament, she has served as the parliamentary secretary for science and sport and the parliamentary secretary for public services and procurement and accessibility.

People's Party of Canada - Michael T.J. McMullen

Born in London, McMullen joined the Armed Forces in 1986 and served for 10 years in the primary reserves, then transferred to the supplemental reserves, serving as a mobile equipment operator, and instructor, finishing with the rank of Master Corporal. He's also worked as a property manager and worked in the financial industry.

Libertarian Party of Canada - Jacques Boudreau


Elgin-Middlesex-London ((Elections Canada))

Liberal - Pam Armstrong

A 14 year resident of Elgin County, Pam Armstrong worked for more than two decades in financial services in the Aylmer area before becoming a real estate agent. She has a son who is in the military and a husband who drives a truck. She says she is committed to serving her community. 

Conservative - Karen Vecchio 

Prior to being elected in 2015, Karen Vecchio worked as Joe Preston's executive director. She also ran a coffee shop in London and worked in food services in St. Thomas. She is part of the Conservative shadow caucus working as shadow minister for Families, Children and Social Development 

Green Party - Ericha Hendel

Ericha Hendel is from Sudbury and is currently in her final year of studies in the Environmental Sciences program at Laurentian University. She's been an active member of the community, serving on the Chief's Youth Advisory Council for Sudbury Police and volunteering at Health Sciences North. She is bilingual. 

NDP - Bob Hargreaves

People's Party of Canada - Donald Helkaa

Christian Heritage Party - Peter Redecop

Libertarian Party of Canada - Richard Styve