Local band made up of neuroscientists does a COVID-19 spin on a Rolling Stones classic

A group of neuroscientists from Western University have taken a classic Rolling Stones song and made it their own using COVID-19 lyrics.

Their music video asks people to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Neuroscientists perform 'Stay At Home' parody

3 years ago
Duration 3:28
London neuroscientists Adiran Owen, Hooman Ganjavi, Conor Wild and Tim Bussey held a virtual performance to the tune of Rolling Stone's Start Me Up to tell Canada to stay at home.

They might be scientists, but don't underestimate their creative talent. 

Four neuroscientists from Western University have created their own take on the classic Rolling Stones song, Start Me Up, to encourage people to hunker down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We really wanted to push this idea that the simplest thing everybody can do is stay at home," said Adrian Owen, who is a Western neuroscientist by day and the lead member of BAM!, the band made up of fellow neuroscientists, by night.

Their version of the song is called Stay at Home, and the idea came up shortly after COVID-19 restrictions in Ontario took effect, which made it difficult for the band members to get together.

"It was an important outlet for all of us to get together and play music … so we said, 'well, what can we do?'" Owen recalled.

Owen, along with band members Hooman Ganjavi, Conor Wild and Tim Bussey, thought about virtually recording a song. Eventually, they decided to focus on science, given their day jobs.

"The science for us is saying right now, we've all got to stay at home, and that's why we recorded Stay at Home," Owen said. 

'You can do something by doing nothing'

One of the lyrics in the band's song asks people to stay in their room rather than leave the house to visit friends because they can connect through Zoom.

"We're professors at Western, we're spending at least half of every day on Zoom," Owen said, when asked about why the band decided to mention the video conference platform in the song.

"Before all this started, I hardly heard of Zoom and now, half my life is dictated by Zoom."

Owen said he understands people who have been staying at home for the past few weeks may be feeling some cabin fever right about now.

"A funny lyric in the song is that you can do something by doing nothing," he said. 

"It's tough for many people, I know, but in some ways, it's the easiest way in the world to do nothing."