Need to warm up? At -11 C, Goderich is Ontario's hot spot

Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold weather alter for southwestern Ontario, with the warmest recorded temperatures in Goderich.

Elsewhere in Ontario, the mercury has plummetted down as low as -29 C

The extreme cold in Ontario is expected to linger into the weekend. (Trevor Brine/CBC)

The weather is making big news across Ontario today and if you head outside, you'll know why.

Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold weather alert, meaning there's an increased chance of suffering frost bite, hypothermia or other health risks associated with the cold. 

In the London region, temperatures are hovering between -16 C and -21 C with the wind chill factor making it feel like -30. 

Goderich is standing out however, marked by the weather service for being the warmest place in the province. There the mercury is sitting at a balmy -11 C. 
Ice has formed along the banks or the Thames River with 'sea smoke' spotted early Wednesday. (Amanda Margison/ CBC News )

Bundle up

"Cold puts everyone at risk," stated Environment Canada in its warning. The agency is directing people to cover up to protect themselves from frost bite, which can develop within minutes of exposure.

It's also reminding people to check on older friends, family and neighbours.

In London, public libraries are open as an option for warming up. 

Public health units in Ottawa and Toronto have issues safety alerts. In London, city services are closed until Jan. 2.