London's first food bank for vegans

Cassidy Jordyn and Brennan Moore co-founded the Vegan Food Bank in London, which started on June 2nd.

2 Londoners are freshening up the local food bank offering, opening the London Vegan Food Bank

London Vegan Food Bank delivers food to people on plant-based diet but can't afford it. (London Vegan Food Bank Facebook Page)

Co-founders of the London Vegan Food Bank, Cassidy Jordyn and Brennan Moore, saw a gap in the existing local food banks and decided to fill it with fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Jordyn and Moore felt that some people were compromising their diets and dietary restrictions because of financial reasons and food availability, which was why they started the London Vegan Food Bank. 

"There's definitely a need. At the regular food banks, who do great work, they don't actually have 100 per cent plant based donation boxes available," said Jordyn.

"A lot of people who might be in a position to use the food bank and follow a vegan diet are out of luck," she said. 

The food bank operates based on people's needs. Intake forms assess whether a person is in high, medium, or low need of food. Based on that information, rotational delivery is set.

Various foods donated to the London Vegan Food Bank. (London Vegan Food Bank Facebook Page )

Local farms and Canadian companies donate any food they might have left over. 

"Sometimes certain companies can't keep food items because of their shelf life, so they donate them to us. That way we also help reduce food waste," said Jordyn. 

The food bank offers a lot more than just fresh fruit and vegetables. They also prepare vegan muffins, coconut milk and chips, pasta, bagels, and of course, Oreos. 

"One of the biggest misconceptions is that you're limited when you choose to go vegan", said Moore. 

The team wants to expand and open a shop where people can get an even bigger selection of affordable vegan food. The store will be set up so "you can take what you need and pay what you can." 

One of the challenges the food bank is facing is delivering the food, something Jordyn and Moore hope the store can fix.