'This goes beyond simple hooliganism': Liberal candidate condemns sign vandalism in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

A Georgian Bluffs resident says he's feeling "violated" after the election sign on his front lawn – and about 14 other Liberal signs in the area – were run over by a vehicle over the weekend. 

John Hull found 15 damaged Liberal election signs in his neighbourhood Saturday morning

John Hull says he and his partner found about 15 damaged signs, all for Liberal candidate Michael Den Tandt, on Saturday morning. (Supplied/John Hull)

A Georgian Bluffs resident said he's feeling "violated" after the election sign on his front lawn – and about 14 other Liberal signs in the area – were run over by a vehicle over the weekend.

John Hull, who lives on Balmy Beach Road, noticed the damage when he woke up Saturday morning and looked out of his window.

"There was heavy frost, and right across our lawn were two tire tracks and our sign down," he explained.

He reported the incident to the campaign office for Michael Den Tandt, the Liberal candidate in the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound riding, and then went out with his partner to see whether there was more damage.

They found nine more signs destroyed on their road, and another five on Grey Road 1. All of them were signs for Den Tendt, said Hull. "Not one Conservative sign was taken out."

John Hull looked out his window Saturday morning to find the election sign on his lawn (pictured here) had been run over by a vehicle. (Supplied/John Hull )

Den Tandt tells CBC News the incident is upsetting.

"Folks put those signs out as a part of the democratic process, and they wanted those signs there for a reason," he explained.

"More importantly, this goes beyond simple hooliganism and sign vandalism, of which we've seen a lot, to imperilling public safety. This was a car that was driving off the road into people's yards, and that's not safe. It's dangerous. It has no place, obviously, in the democratic system."

Tandt said he wouldn't speculate about the culprit's political leaning, but did talk about a "small minority" of people "being influenced by hatred that's being cemented by online actors."

Hull said police are investigating the incident, and that an officer came by his house Saturday morning.

CBC News has reached out to OPP for comment about the investigation, but hasn't heard back.