Councillor Tanya Park is running for mayor

Councillor Tanya Park has her sights set on the mayor’s seat in London.

The first-term councillor announced her intention to run Friday

Councillor Tanya Park has her sights set on the mayor's seat in London.

The current Ward 13 representative officially announced her intention to run for mayor in front of a group of supporters at the Old East Village Grocer Friday.

There had been rumours circulating in recent days that Park was intending to run, and she says she wanted to stop the rumour mill.

"What I want Londoners to think about is do we want London to stay the city it is, or become the city that it can be," she said.

Park wouldn't disclose any details of her platform to CBC News, but said she would discuss her intentions after May 1st when candidates are able to file nomination papers.

The first-term councillor joins businessman Paul Cheng, former police board budget chair Paul Paolatto, and former Ward 3 councillor Stephen Orser, who have also expressed their intention to run for Mayor.

Park has been an avid supporter of London's bus rapid transit plan, an issue her upcoming opponents have either disapproved of, or want to change.

Back in September of 2017, Park announced she was running for the London North Centre provincial NDP seat. She was beaten out by Terence Kernaghan in January.

In February, Park said she would not be running for re-election in the fall.

The municipal election will take place on October 22, 2018.