SW Sounds: Cedar and Pine

Meet London rock duo Cedar and Pine on this week's SW Sounds feature.

London duo aims to do more with less

Tyse Burrows (left) and Derek Stocking form the London rock/pop duo, Cedar and Pine. (Supplied by Cedar and Pine)

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Cedar and Pine is all about trying to do more with less.

The London rock/pop band consists of just two members, each playing more than one instrument at all times. Drummer/keyboardist Tyse Burrows and guitarist/singer Derek Stocking explained their minimalist ethos to Afternoon Drive host, Chris dela Torre.

How do you describe the band's sound?

Tyce Burrows: The sound we go for is about trying to get as much out of two guys as possible. We played in full-sized bands before, but when everyone went away to university, it was just the two of us. But we love rock music, indie music and pop music, and that's always what we're shooting for.

Derek Stocking: We try to play with dynamics a lot. That's kind of a key element of our sound. When we want to build things up, we generally have to pull things back. We're not afraid of silence, which I think is a cool aspect of our music.

Tell us about your latest single?

Tyce Burrows: The song 'Spider Webs' is probably one of our dancier songs. I think it started with the guitar riff that opens up the song, and from there we just tried to have fun with it. It's probably one of our less rocky's less in-your-face the whole time, but we have a good time with it. In the video, I think we show that we have a good time with it whenever we play it, and we hope that comes across to the audience. For the video, we were lucky enough to have a friend with an open field. We packed up our gear and set it up out there and just played a lot. It was a hot and sweaty day in August. For some reason, we wanted to wear full tracksuits during the video. In thirty-degree weather (laughs). So, the video just has a lot of us playing and us running around and dancing a little bit.

Derek Stocking: The dancing. Oh no! (laughs)

This interview was edited and condensed. Have a listen to 'Spider Webs' as part of Cedar and Pine's SW Sounds profile, and check out its video below:

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