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Sofia Rodriguez is a reporter with CBC News in London. She is a graduate of Western University and Fanshawe College. You can email her at

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Tequila isn't just for shots: Londoners debunk misconception through Tequila Expo

London's Tequila Expo wants to ensure people understand that tequila is more than just a go-to choice for birthday shots through seminars on how to properly enjoy the agave spirit.

Londoner calls for barrier-free sidewalks

A Londoner has launched an online petition that calls on the city to ensure that sidewalks are barrier-free.

'An assembly line of care:' new study addresses concerns in long term care system

A new study from the faith-based think tank Cardus looks at recommendations to improve the long term care system for Personal Support Workers, including taking away 'redundant' paperwork tasks.

'A dream come true:' adults get a shot at acting through London's New Stage

Adults in London who always dreamed of treading the boards are getting their chance through an adult theatre fundamentals program. This year, New Stage participants are putting on Of Some Importance, a show by local playwright Aimee O'Brien. 

Risk of death and suicide for teens who visit ER for self-harm

A five-year study from the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows that Ontario teens who visit the ER for self-harm are more likely to repeat. The study also shows these patients are more likely to die of suicide, something psychiatrist Javeed Sukhera doesn't find surprising.

More than their tragedy; Remembering MMIW through Shades of our Sisters

Fanshawe College is hosting the Shades of our Sisters installation, an exhibit aimed at showing who Sonya Cywink, a murdered Indigenous woman, was before she was killed. 

King's university student killed in crash near Lucan, Ont. remembered as 'hardworking and kind'

A 21-year-old Londoner who was killed in a three-vehicle crash near Lucan, Ont. is being remembered as a kind, approachable and hard-working student with dreams of becoming a forensic psychologist. 

VP says new report on cheating at Western University 'concerning'

New numbers from Western University suggest graduate and postdoctoral students are committing the bulk of the school's plagiarism violations during the last academic year. 

Western student groups rally behind peer who spoke out about prof using N-word

Western's University Students' Council (USC) and five student associations are rallying behind a student who received hateful emails after calling out a professor's for using the N-word during a lecture.

Council briefs: Cycling report referred to staff

London City Council sends a cycling report back to staff for further review. Council also gave the $4.4 million contract for a new traffic management system a green light.

'He stripped us of our dignity,' Western University student says of prof who used N-word in class

A Western University professor has apologized for using the N-word in class, but student Chizoba Oriuwa said many people on the London, Ont., campus are "blinded" as to why this discussion matters.

Local elementary teachers hold a strike vote. Now what?

About 3000 elementary school teachers from the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) filled Budweiser Garden's arena to cast their ballots on a strike vote as contract negotiations between the union that represents them and the province continue. 

'Can I call you by another name?' A question that sparked an anti-stereotype campaign at Western

Western's Ethnocultural Support Services has launched a social media campaign to debunk common stereotypes surrounding minority groups on and off campus. They're goal is to educate and validate these experiences.

$500 worth of hope for Venezuelan newcomer

While $500 may not be a significant amount of money, for refugee Luis Nieves, it means a new beginning as a newcomer as he continues his studies at Fanshawe College.

Meet the artist who came all the way from Ireland to be a part of London's clay scene

The London Clay Art Centre is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary. The studio's International Artist in Residence Daumante Stirbyte says the centre is the best place to experiment with clay and create something special out of ordinary mud.