What a 'big snow event' means to people in charge of removing it

Take a look at how round-the-clock snow clearing on London's first big storm of the season breaks down by the numbers.

We crunch the numbers as London digs out after the first big snow dump of the season

When the person in charge of snow removal for the city, John Parsons, called London's first storm of the season a "big event" we had to take a closer look.

Here's what snow removal looks like after 30cm fell:

70 snowplows

That's the entire city fleet and they've been running almost non-stop since the snow started falling. 

27 salt trucks

They're also equipped to plow making them an important piece of equipment in the overall snow-removal operation. 

44 sidewalk plows

Pedestrians know how important these little tractors are and with 100's of kilometres to travel, seeing them on the sidewalks is a treat. 

20 - 30 shovel crews

These crews are made up of several strong individuals tasked with digging out bus stops and other municipally owned walkways. 

$13.4 million budget

This is the city's annual snow removal budget. It's too early to say how much this clearing operation cost but those numbers are coming.