Slippery roads mean no Meals on Wheels today

For the first time in recent memory, Meals on Wheels service has been cancelled in London due to bad weather.

This is the first service cancellation in at least three years, said executive director Sarah Campbell

Dangerous driving conditions mean there will be no Meals on Wheels delivery for January 8. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

For some of London's most vulnerable, last night's snowfall means no hot food today. 

Meals on Wheels deliveries in London have been cancelled due to bad weather and road conditions. It's the first time that this has happened in at least three years, said executive director Sarah Campbell. 

The service interruption affects about 200 seniors and people with disabilities in London, who rely on Meals on Wheels for the majority of their fresh food and produce. 

Time to check in on a neighbour

Many clients appreciate the social interaction as much as the food, said executive director Sarah Campbell. (Paula Duhatschek/CBC News)

Campbell added that for many of those clients, the social interaction is as important as the meal itself.

During the service interruption, Londoners are urged to check in on the people they know who may have mobility problems.

"For seniors and people living with disabilities life can be isolating any time, but especially in weather like this, getting out is difficult," said Campbell.

"It's a great opportunity to check in on your neighbour, your friends and family, and make sure that the people you love and the people around you are safe and healthy."

Service should resume tomorrow, Campbell said.

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